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Link your CallFire phone number to Google AdWords

Learn how to include your CallFire phone numbers in your Google AdWords ads.
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The impact of Google Voice and SIP on Cloud Telephony

CallFire CEO Dinesh Ravishanker briefly discusses the impact of SIP and XMPP standards on CallFire customers and unified voice communications as a whole. Google Voice, Gizmo5, AIM, Grasshopper and others are mentioned within the talk.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 CallFire now offers voice broadcast to anywhere in the world
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Virtual Call Center Company OnState Announces Support For Google Voice

Newburyport, Mass. — July 6, 2009

OnState Communications, the leading provider of on-demand virtual call center and PBX business communications systems, today announced that its cloud-based call center and PBX solutions fully support Google Voice, the new voice communications management tool from Google. This support combines with existing Google Talk and Google Apps support as part of OnState’s virtual call center and PBX solutions, and allows Google users to retain all of the inherent product features while building upon them to improve customer-facing communications.

“With this new support, OnState allows you to turn Google Voice into a full-featured PBX or call center for a fraction of normal industry prices,” said Pat Kelly, CEO of OnState. “And while using Google Voice you can reap the benefits inherent to OnState, including multi-modal capabilities, business- and skills-based routing, seamless application integration, reporting and analytics, and our business presence capabilities.”

OnState adds to its product a business abstraction layer called business presence™. This information tracks the availability and activity of workers wherever they are – in the office, working from home, or travelling – and intelligently connects customers to employees based on worker availability, capability, or any other company-defined criteria. OnState combines its business presence knowledge with Google Voice, Google Talk, Google Apps, Skype, Salesforce, SIP, PBXs, and traditional desk and mobile phones to help companies optimize interactive communications amongst employees and customers, independent of device, network, or medium. Businesses can add Google Voice, Google Talk, and even video chat to customer-facing communications, websites, and applications with OnState, and use business presence to direct inbound inquiries to employees that can best serve the query based, independent of employee location or available in-use applications like PBX phones, Google Talk, Google Voice, PC phones, or mobile phones.

Google Voice is designed to facilitate personal communications, but is not well suited for customer-facing applications that allow a company to establish conversations based on business logic and job functions. Business presence layered on top of Google Voice and Google Talk helps companies extend the application to improve customer satisfaction and enhance worker productivity by connecting customers on the first attempt to the person who can best serve them. By allowing office workers, telecommuters, and mobile workers to leverage Google Voice and Google Talk, OnState delivers rich call center features to ordinary employees and everyday business functions at a fraction of the price of conventional premise-based solutions.

For more information on OnState’s Google call center and PBX solutions, visit

About OnState

OnState provides real-time virtual call center and virtual PBX business communications solutions that are simple and low-cost–and highly-functional and scalable. Founded by telecom pioneers who launched GeoTel Communications (acquired by Cisco Systems), OnState’s mission is to reduce business communication costs dramatically, replacing traditional hardware-based architectures with software-only, on-demand solutions. OnState’s solutions include Virtual PBX, Virtual Call Center, Quality Assurance, Outbound Calling and On-Line Business Chat, using integrations with® and Google Apps®. For more information call: +1 617-934-0381 or toll-free 866-532-5036.

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