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Indiana Firm Introduces The Missing Link In Advertising

— November 14, 2003

Valparaiso, Indiana

It’s a fact that people check their emails more than any other activity when sitting at their computers. One creative entrepreneur, Johnny Mathis, developed a technology that takes advantage of consumers’ email habits and results in satisfying a missing link in advertising. Now for the first time, advertisers will be able to send emails and place popups, popunders, and banners with their commercial spots right inside them. The system also allows for secure checkout for sales and is viewable by over 98% of the world wide web users.

Since Mathis successfully launched his new company, Livemercial, its streaming email video is taking the advertising world by storm.

This innovative technology allows any company the ability to broadcast a TV commercial right inside an email or other online advertising space. No special downloads are required, and there is no wasted time with loading or buffering, as the system provides for streaming video that is on in an instant for the end user.

CEO and Founder, Johnny Mathis, points out that they are providing a whole new channel in advertising. Â?Livemercial has been the first to bring what works on television to the internet in such a stream-lined and cost-effective way,Â? says Mathis.

But, what about spam? Mathis answers that Â?We dislike spam as much as anyone and implement strict guidelines to assure that we only email those folks that truly opted-in to receive offers. We also see to it that your email creative is compliant with all State and Federal Laws. Livemercial only uses lists where the data collected is from recipients who have opted in and are interested in receiving information.Â?

This fantastic technology is now sent out to one half a billion customers a month! The successes have been extraordinary. The company plans to stay on top as evidenced by sales that will exceed ,000,000 in their first full year of operations. Additionally, Livemercial will be introducing a newly developed product in ’04 to ensure that it will stay there.

Go to and click on one of the exciting examples.

Livemercial also creates Virtual Call CentersÂ?. We provide a turnkey, hassle-free web solution for all your products by creating mini-ecommerce sites for each product. These mini-ecommerce sites, termed Virtual Call Centers (VCC’s), stream your TV commercial inside a Verisign secured check-out. Best of all, with the VCC, there are no distractions to take the focus away from the impulse purchase, which is why our approach works so well. This patented technology and proprietary approach provides higher conversion rates (click to sale) and greater up-sell rates (more people taking deluxe versions and up-sells), and delivers increased levels of revenue per order.

The VCC’s have all the protection and back-up of major web entities. In fact they are all located on a tier-one major backbone. We capture all sales data and all order data is simply passed onto to fulfillment center for processing, just as it is done with a traditional call center.

All of this makes putting your products on the web easy. Even if you have your products placed somewhere else online, our solution can help you make more money from online sales. And, with Livemercial, you’ll always have our expert team of Internet and marketing professionals at your finger tips to guide you every step of the way.

Go to to view our VCC’s. Just pick a product and see how amazing our VCC’s are.

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Mediabids Launches Nation’s Largest Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Network

Winsted, CT — August 9, 2007, the print advertising marketplace, in partnership with Barrington Media Group, today announced the launch of their new Per-Inquiry Print Advertising network.

Mediabids’ & BMG’s Per-Inquiry Advertising Service was designed to address the loss of advertiser’s print budgets to online advertising by offering a results based Per-Inquiry pricing model.

About Mediabids’ Per Inquiry Advertising Service

*Includes guaranteed payments and call reporting

*Publications choose the advertisers they feel their readers will best respond to

*Unique toll-free numbers are assigned to each ad, so that all responses can be monitored

U.S. Print Newspapers & Magazines interested in participating can learn more by going to

U.S. Advertisers interested in participating in per response advertising on a national level can learn more by going to

About, the online print advertising marketplace, offers a patented online process that enables the buying and selling of print advertising space in U.S. newspapers and magazines, through reverse advertiser auctions (initiated by advertisers), publication offers (posted by publications) and traditional media buys. To date over 8,500 business consumers (advertisers) have registered on to purchase advertising space to market their business and over 3,500 newspapers and magazines have registered their print publications to sell ad space. Toll Free 866-236-2259

About Barrington Media Group

Barrington Media Group is a full service national direct response media and marketing company. BMG has expertise across all facets of direct response marketing including Radio Media, Per Inquiry Print Media, Creative Development, Interactive, Research and Analytics, Inbound/Outbound Call Center Management and Campaign Revenue Maximization. BMG’s diverse client roster includes nationally branded companies in business fields ranging from financial services to health and wellness. Barrington Media Group can be reached at 860-676-7776 or

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No comments Releases New Advertising Partnership Campaign

Dallas, TX — July 17, 2006

Due to a recent surge in newsletter sign ups (, an online resource for call center professionals, is running a special discount for new advertisers. The promotional rates include deep discounts on dedicated email blasts, newsletter sponsorship, and banner ads on the pages. Interested advertisers can find more information regarding the promotion at

The free weekly newsletter, Call Center Tips, now has over 3,000 subscribers who are all professionals in the call center industry. Members of the newsletter include trainers, quality professionals, supervisors, managers, and sales professionals. Each Friday subscribers are emailed a newsletter containing industry news, recommended products, featured articles and event announcements.

Greg Meares, the founder of, stated, “We are proud of our newsletter’s recent growth and would like to create a buzz about products and services we feel our subscribers are interested in.” He explained, “We may still be a small resource site, but we are growing and planning some exciting changes for the second part of this year. Our responsive list is a great place for vendors to reach call center professionals”

The site it’s self has been up and running since January of 2005 and continues to grow and change. Most recent upgrades include free forums and article directory. The forum section of the site was previously contained in paid site membership. Visit to sign up and get involved in call center conversations. The all new article directory contains thousands of free resource articles for call center professionals (

Archived newsletters can be found at


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