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COSMIC REMNANTS – Music By: Dean Krommydas Put to Scenes From the Ocean & Outer Space

Music Composed By: Dean Krommydas – As always a very special thanks to Israel Tanenbaum for all his help and guidance in audio production! For those of you with a little more time and might be wondering how this piece came about….it was inspired from a dream I had. The visual aspect involved me finding myself in the middle of the ocean with nothing as far as the eye can see 360 degrees around….I then plunged into the “center” of the ocean and began slowly descending deeper and deeper into it. Once I hit whatever I perceived to be the bottom…I started to rise back up but slowly… finally surfacing – and then I kept rising higher and higher….past the clouds…leaving Earth behind….going further into outer space… until at the end I reached what I can only describe as “the heavens.” After I woke up I felt humbled and at peace…and for whatever reason the whole “Cosmic” experience made me think of our world and how many cultures/ethnicities it consists of… and how I might be able to capture the spirit of as many of these cultures that my sound libraries would provide. I also needed to try and convey my own musical ideas, influences, and feelings that came from the dream. So you will hear a variety of changes in intensity from serious, dark, fun/funky and hopefully heavenly….all created with ambient & electronic sounds layered in with orchestral and various ethnic instrumentation and vocals. For ex. 2-tone throat singing, Jewish chant, Bulgarian chant, sitar w
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