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Just another Tuesday for Jennifer…. Tuesdays are our first sparring session of 3 every week. We usually push pretty hard on tuesdays. Jennifer first 2 rounds were drilling rounds…This makes us isolate and focus usually on ONE aspect of our game. This also serves to get our minds and bodies into hard work mode, and depending on the drill, also serves to create some area of stress and even possibly fatigue as this (somewhat) simulates the stress/fatigue factors in a fight. Jennifer starts first round with kick sparring (any strikes with kicks are allowed, no punches). Partner was Vellore Caballaro. second round was all strikes, (punches, kicks, and knees) but to the body only. Partner 2 was LT Nelson. The remainder of practice was 4 x 5 mins rds full contact sparring. for us today (since we are all mma fighters) This includes everything we utilize in MMA (boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, bjj, and ground n pound) Other partners for rest of rounds were Vellore Caballaro, Taylor Phillips. GRUDGETRAININGCENTER.COM Filmed By: @DJQUOTE Edits By: QUOTEMEDIAFILMS #TEAMJENNIFER

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