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Culture.Service.Growth.(CSG) Adds Four New Directors to Support Their Rapidly Growing San Antonio Call Center

San Antonio, TX — November 22, 2011

America?s No. 1, Veteran-owned contact center outsourcing firm, CSG (Culture.Service.Growth.), is happy to announce?the addition of four new Directors to?our staff to support?our rapid growth.

?We are so proud of attracting this caliber of talent to our family,? said Tim Handren, CSG President and COO. ??We are investing in our leadership team now because CSG is experiencing rapid growth with several Fortune 500 clients.? The new leaders are more than capable of growing our organization to significant size while maintaining an employee-focused culture that results in memorable service and continued growth,? added Handren.

As the Director of Client Relations, Rosalinda Gonzalez will be responsible for the on boarding of new clients, the customer relationship management aspect of existing clients and the development of relationship with prospective clients.? With over 16 years of entrepreneurial experience in the telecommunications and technology sectors, she has developed a highly successful management style, as demonstrated by growing several privately owned startup companies to significant scale and profitability.

As the Director of Operations, Lou Garza will assume responsibility for all day to day contact center operations and service delivery. ?With over 20 years experience in the call center industry, Lou has served in a variety of leadership positions of increasing responsibility in client services and operations for companies such as AT&T, West, SCI and Pocket Smart Wireless.?

As the Director of Learning, Culture and Quality, Gina Marie Rodriguez will be responsible for all aspects of training new and existing employees, ensuring high quality results translate into operational excellence, and nurturing the unique family oriented culture as CSG.? Gina has over 20 years of experience working in world-class companies such as USAA and The Scooter Store. ?

As the Director of Talent Acquisition and Management, Gladys Gonzalez will be responsible for finding just the right talent to ensure CSG provides high quality results to its? clients.? She will also ensure CSG has the right practices in place to retain that talent.? Gladys has more than 25 years of corporate experience, including 20 years at USAA. ? She is a ?past President of Marketing for WELEAD, an affiliate of National Association of Female Executives.

“At a time when many if not most companies are?scaling?down because of?the economy, we’re very fortunate to be growing and adding?numerous jobs to the San Antonio area. And one of the most exciting parts about our growth?is the opportunity to bring?such?talented people into our organization,? said Tim Montgomery, CSG?s CEO.? ?The breadth of experience and new ideas will challenge our existing organization strategically and the ultimate winners are our clients.? In addition to superior client experience,?we provide suggestions that will ultimately save our clients time and money,? added Montgomery.


About CSG: CSG is a certified veteran-owned company. Founded by two of the most experienced and respected experts in customer service and contact center management, CSG offers affordable, world-class outsourcing solutions to organizations committed to delivering high-quality customer experiences. CSG has grown considerably over the past 12 months and is committed to delivering an outsourced operation that is unsurpassed in quality.? CSG has retained highly experienced leaders with?track records of successfully delivering superior call center results, best in class operational efficiency, and?employee-centric culture development. Having served as advisors to some of the world?s most recognized and celebrated customer care organizations, CSG?s services include contact center outsourcing, back office outsourcing, and consulting.

For more information, please visit?


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— May 15, 2002

Melbourne, Florida , Synergon Solutions, a premier 24/7/365 technical support and customer service outsourcing company, today introduced their new Technical Support Start-Up Package.

Synergon?s Technical Support Start-Up Package has been specifically designed to offer equipment manufacturers, software developers, facility end-users and nearly any other industry involved in technology, an affordable customized global technical support and customer service presence.

Details of Synergon?s 24/7 Technical Support Start-Up Package include: up to 250 calls (average of 15 minutes per call) · completely transparent to the end user (calls answered in your company name) · 15 second average speed of answer · 2 minute max peak hold time · sophisticated call tracking system · web-based reporting and ticket access · support for all major hardware and software · integrated on-site dispatch services and installation.

The fees for this service start at under $ 4,500 per month. The normal start-up fees are waived with a signed contract.

Gary Bradley, Synergon Solutions? President & CEO, stated, ?From the software product development start-up to the established telecom OEM, Synergon?s cost-effective options make outsourcing a company?s Help Desk and On-Site Services the quickest and easiest way for them to offer their products to the global marketplace.?

More details about Synergon Solutions and their new Technical Support Start-Up Package can be found by visiting their web site at

# # # #

About Synergon Solutions, Inc.

Synergon Solutions is a premier 24/7/365 service provider specializing in offering equipment manufacturers, software developers, facility end-users and nearly any other industry involved in technology a customized global technical and customer support presence. From the software product development start-up to the established telecom OEM, Synergon?s cost-effective options make outsourcing your In/Outbound Call Center, Help Desk and On-Site Services the quickest and easiest way to offer your products to the global marketplace. Services include in/outbound customer service, help desk support for software applications, remote hardware diagnostics and being on-site with our certified technicians within four hours of dispatch. For further information, please visit or call toll-free 1-800-820-6103.

Contact: Brian K. St.Ours

Synergon Solutions

(800) 820-6103 x2192

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TMONE Occupies 27,000 Sq. Ft. Contact Center to Support VoIP

Iowa City, IA — January 3, 2006

TMONE , an Iowa direct marketing firm, today announced its occupancy of a 300 seat facility formerly utilized by telecommunications goliath MCI. The marketing company specializes in acquiring new subscribers for VoIP (voice over internet protocol) an emerging voice and data communications technology (a.k.a. digital phone service) that enables users to transmit voice and data over broadband internet connections substantially reducing the cost of phone service and achieving added functionality not available through POTS (plain old telephone service). The facility marks another expansion for TMONE whose growth will continue to support the VoIP industries press to acquire new subscribers over the next five years. Employing multiple channels to acquire new subscribers, TMONE?s direct response focused marketing solution is comprised of contact center services, direct mail, internet marketing and above the line advertising media. The 27,000 square foot state of art facility is designed to acquire up to 50,000 telecom and information service subscribers a month at full capacity and support millions of customers. The layout of the facility can be viewed at

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) subscriber counts have grown rapidly over the last year (approximately 4 million subscribers at the end of 2005) and according to the comparative estimates of industry observers the aggressive rate of growth is expected to continue over the next five years culminating at over 54 million subscribers lines by the end of 2010. Leading the way to mass adoption in the consumer market are companies like 8×8 (Packet8), SunRocket, and Vonage that developed VoIP solutions early on and have been aggressively marketing in 2005. Entering into the fray are some noteworthy arrivals whose size and resources validate the hype surrounding the new technology. Bellsouth (powered by Packet8), Verizon — MCI, SBC — AT&T and Qwest Communications all major ILEC?s (independent local exchange carriers) have announced the launch of VoIP solutions. MSO?s (multiple service operators) Time Warner, Cablevision, Cox, Videotron, Charter, Comcast, and Mediacom are also bundling VoIP phone service with other service offerings. Other 2005 VoIP announcements are internet moguls Google (Google Talk), Microsoft, EBay (Skype), AOL (TotalTalk), and Yahoo! This commitment to a strong VoIP play by the ESP?s (enhanced service providers), ILEC?s, MSO?s, ISP?s (internet service providers), and dot-coms is writing on the wall for TMONE who has been preparing to support VoIP marketing efforts since the companies launch.

TMONE was founded in 2002 by Anthony Marlowe, President and John Burchert, COO after a successful tenure operating contact center services for Fortune 500 telecom provider MCI. The company has been actively marketing on behalf of telecom providers & information service providers since inception and has been at the forefront of VoIP customer acquisition in 2005. Driving the marketing company to new heights is a talented management team that boasts over 100 years of combined experience direct marketing telecommunications. The management lineup and company history created a natural niche for TMONE and has piloted it to support the budding VoIP market. Key to TMONE?s integrated marketing solution is their expertise in contact center services which enabled the company to field a unique multi-channel approach designed specifically for VoIP. The innovative solution is responsible for successfully acquiring a significant number of new VoIP subscribers for some of the industries most prominent service providers. Among the clientele that will benefit from the expansion is leading Santa Clara, CA based VoIP and videophone communications provider 8×8, Inc NASDAQ: EGHT who contracted TMONE in August of 2005 to provide direct response marketing and contact center services for their suite of Packet8 business and residential internet phone and video phone service offerings.

?The new facility is indicative of the fact that VoIP has transitioned to mass market adoption. IPTV, Wi-Fi and other related technology will follow suit quickly. This sets the stage for true consumer and small business choice in voice and video communications.? said Anthony Marlowe, President.

TMONE?s project management division supports a wide range of ancillary marketing channels used to acquire subscribers for its clientele, and will also be located out of the new facility. TMONE capitalizes on its direct marketing and teleservices expertise with service offerings that add value to its basic acquisition package and allows clients to customize their integrated marketing with wholesale advertising passed though by TMONE. The additional services and marketing media are managed by TMONE and implemented with existing database marketing and contact center services in mind. Offerings include dedicated inbound tele-sales, customer winback, customer retention, welcome calls/up-sell, web collaboration and project management of supplementary direct marketing channels and above the line advertising media such as the internet, radio and television.

?We are happy to locate ourselves in Iowa City and the old MCI facility is a perfect fit,? said John Burchert, COO. ?TMONE will be immediately adding over 200 jobs to the Iowa City – Cedar Rapids technology corridor many of which will require the same skill sets as the positions eliminated by MCI. We will continually grow until we level off close to 1000 employees.?

Pulling from the telecom talent pool left by MCI and the University of Iowa is part of TMONE?s strategy. ?Iowa City is a great town and a great place for our business. We hope to reciprocate positive things to the community. It is easy to understand why FORBES ( ranks Iowa City in its Top 10 best places,? said Corey Poulsen.


Located in eastern Iowa, TMONE ( has multiple locations that serve as the hub for the companies marketing list (, call center services, and project management divisions. TMONE is a leading provider of inbound and outbound call center services and direct response marketing. Specializing in new customer acquisition, the call center consults and provides services to MSO?s, ESP?s, Cable Co’s, ILEC’s, RBOC’s, UNEP CLEC’s, ISP’s Satellite and VoIP providers in search of new customer acquisition, and lead generation services. The companies’ project management division is unique in its ability to execute and coordinate mass marketing efforts utilizing database marketing, inbound and outbound tele-sales, internet marketing, direct mail and above the line media.

For additional company information, visit TMONE?s web site at


CONTACT: Ethan Z. Davis

Phone: 1-877-868-2586

Web site:

Attached Media:


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SkyCreek Announces That It Has Been Awarded Contract To Provide Outbound Calling Support to ROI Services, Inc.

Herndon, VA — September 27, 2006

SkyCreek Corporation (, a leader in proactive customer contact solutions, announced today that the company has been awarded a contract to provide outbound call center support for ROI Services Inc. (ROI), located in Herndon, Virginia.

As a new start-up company, ROI sought to maximize their efficiency and concentrate on strategically utilizing their human resources for making thousands of outbound calls on a daily basis. To address this critical business process, they approached SkyCreek about using its IVR technology to make proactive outbound calls to drive their collections business.

Using its industry-leading Call Notify IVR Platform, SkyCreek designed and developed a proactive outbound calling application to drive ROI’s collection initiatives. SkyCreek also designed and developed a variety of custom reports to empower ROI to monitor costs and value of the proactive outbound calling initiative.

In addition, SkyCreek deployed the application in its Hosted IVR Center providing ROI with additional cost savings. The SkyCreek Hosted IVR Facility provided ROI with all of the hardware, software, communication infrastructure, alarming, and reporting to support the outbound calling initiative.

According to Richard Haft, Director, Marketing and Product Strategy, SkyCreek, “ROI has achieved significant advantages under the contract to date, resulting in increased revenue and a substantial improvement in employee productivity.”

According to Ryan M. Abate, President, ROI Services, Inc., “SkyCreek has directly contributed to ROI achieving and exceeding its business goals for 2006.” He further noted, “By using the Call Notify IVR Platform to proactively call debtors, ROI has substantially increased its efficiency and more than doubled the recovery of returned checks over industry standards, resulting in a significant increase in revenue and profitability for ROI.”

About The Call Notify IVR Platform

The Call Notify IVR Platform is a web-based, next-generation intelligent IVR platform, that empowers companies to proactively update, inform, up sell, advise, educate, train, and/or survey their customers, while delivering enhanced value and superior customer service. It provides companies the ability to promote new products and services pro-actively, automatically, and inexpensively. As a result, marketing and sales campaigns become more timely and effective, resulting in a lower cost of sale, while at the same time driving additional revenue.

The platform includes three easy-to-use, web-based components to facilitate the design, management, and reporting of inbound and/or outbound voice applications:

    CallDesigner – For use in designing any voice and/or IVR applications and campaigns

    CallManager – For managing and scheduling voice and/or IVR applications and campaigns

    CallReports – For generating reports for any voice and/or IVR applications and campaigns

It is a flexible, reliable, VoiceXML and CallXML standards-based platform for any contact application. It supports traditional touch-tone, text-to-speech, speech recognition, call control and recording, SIP, VoIP, and more. For optimum versatility and functionality, the Call Notify IVR Platform can be seamlessly integrated with any telephony, front-office, back-office, and support systems such as workforce management, service provisioning, repair, and billing systems through the enhanced File Feed Wizard or via custom integration.

In short, the Call Notify IVR Platform enables communication and cable companies to automate the communication process, taking a proactive customer contact approach that ultimately improves customer loyalty through improved operational effectiveness and customer-centricity, while at the same time reducing operational costs and driving additional revenue.

About ROI Services, Inc.

ROI Services, Inc. is a privately held company located in Herndon, Virginia founded in response to a growing need for a standard collection agency to solely concentrate on the recovery of returned checks for retail and service oriented merchants. With its Executives having a combined 16 years of experience in designing, operating, and streamlining a check recovery system. ROI Services, Inc. has quickly become a leading provider of collection services to the returned check industry and more specifically as a leading edge provider to ACH based check recovery companies. ROI Services, Inc. was created with a dedication towards utilizing the latest technologies and information to provide the highest quality customer service oriented collections in the industry. For more information about ROI Services, Inc., please visit us at

About SkyCreek Corporation

SkyCreek provides pre-built and custom outbound voice applications to communication and cable firms on top of its industry-leading, Call Notify IVR Platform. SkyCreek’s Call Notify IVR Platform is a web-based, VoiceXML-compliant platform designed for rapid application development, integration, and implementation. The platform is consists of three easy-to-use web-based components for the design, management, and reporting of any voice application. Our Call Notify IVR Platform, Pre-Built and Custom Voice Applications, enables firms to improve customer care, reduce cost, and increase revenue. In short, we provide the technology and solutions to empower companies to improve operational effectiveness and drive customer-centricity. SkyCreek is a privately held company located in Herndon, Virginia that has been providing proactive customer contact solutions for over 15 years. During the past fifteen years SkyCreek’s technology and applications have been used by customers to make over one billion proactive outbound calls. For more information about SkyCreek Corporation, please visit our web site at


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800PBX Adds Support for International Call Forwarding

Fremont, CA — June 7, 2008

800PBX (, the provider of small business telephony, Virtual PBX and toll-free numbers has announced the international call forwarding to select countries. This service lets 800PBX customers to forward the incoming calls to international destinations. Presently, the list of supported countries includes United Kingdom, Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and China.

“This service provides our customers lot of convenience while traveling internationally as they can forward the incoming calls.” says Manohar Chapalamadugu, CEO of the company. “Furthermore, the users can configure the service to selectively forward the calls internationally based on the time of the incoming call. We are offering this service at no extra charge.” he adds.

“We are likely to add new countries to this list as we go. This is a big step towards our goal of providing global call forwarding support for our customers. We want them to be able to take incoming calls to their phone number from anywhere in the world” said Sreedhar Ambati, the Chief Operating Officer.

New customers can use this service by signing up for advanced virtual-pbx technology service for as low as /month with a free toll free number and 150 minutes. Existing list of features such as audio conferencing, call forwarding, dial-by-name and music on hold, can be accessed at

About the company:

800PBX Inc. is a leading provider of virtual PBX and toll free number services for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The company is also known for custom IVR solutions such as automated appointment scheduling, questionnaires, hosted call center and more.

For more details, visit: –


Chris Lucas

mailto:pr @

Tel: 1-877-800-0 PBX (1-877-800-0729)


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How Can VoIP Support Small Business Growth

How Can VoIP Support Small Business Growth

How Can VoIP Support Small Business Growth

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Home Page > Business > Small Business > How Can VoIP Support Small Business Growth

How Can VoIP Support Small Business Growth

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How Can VoIP Support Small Business Growth

By: Michael Lemm

About the Author

Michael is the owner of FreedomFire Communications….including Small Business Resources Cafe. Michael also authors Broadband Nation where you’re always welcome to drop in and catch up on the latest BroadBand news, tips, insights, and ramblings for the masses.

(ArticlesBase SC #547720)

Article Source: Can VoIP Support Small Business Growth

Here’s the question …. how can you convince your management that a VoIP solution will support your small business?

The best argument for VOIP is lower communication costs … but it’s not the only reason.

I would suggest using hybrid solutions. Where the bulk of communication, voice, and video are done through VOIP …. and emergency services “fall back” in case of Internet fail is done with minimal classical PSTN solutions.

When I say VOIP from now on I mean 90 % VOIP and some minimal PSTN add-ons.


1- Lower communication costs ….

While this is basically clear it still needs to be demonstrated. Assume you have a company that most of its calls are from “overseas” to the USA and vice versa.

You need to get the cost of all such calls currently on one side …. and then compute what would be the cost in case all Intercontinental calls went through a VOIP system.

Now you have the number of calls * local call quantity* local call cost.

You can compare the costs in both situations.

a. I would take the worst case scenario where none of the calls in either side ends in a VOIP end station like Packet8. To make the comparison complete you should add all static costs as well: equipment cost, support cost etc.

b. Simply compare the price of adding a 2MBPS PRI line to increasing your company’s Internet connection BW by 2 MBPS. That will show a lot to VOIP’s favor.

c. Long distance calls are severely affected by duration of the call. While local calls and VOIP goes into the PSTN, are much less affected by the duration. In some places in state calls are not charged individually but a monthly payment is done.

d. Equipment cost per end station is lower. While this is almost always true you need to prove that too by talking to a VOIP equipment provider, for example AVAYA, Cisco, NORTEL. And comparing the prices in both instances.

2. Adding new features to an existing PBX is messy most of the time …. while adding new features, capabilities and capacity is easy in VOIP.

3. A unified communication that has VOIP and IP running on the same enterprise infrastructure is easier to manage …. but of course needs more expertise.

4. You can have ‘local’ numbers anywhere a VOIP provider has a presence. Want to establish a presence in another state or country – start with a VOIP number in the new location that is answered by an existing office.

5. It allows you to virtualize your office. For example, a company provides after hours customer support by employing people to work from home in four time zones. VOIP allows the company’s PABX to be extended cheaply and easily into their home … even though they are in different countries and serviced by different telcos/ISPs.

6. Besides lower costs in contrast to PSTN, VoIP services provide better roaming, a possibility to quicker office relocation and total independence from local telephone companies (meaning that in theory you can buy VoIP services from any service provider on the globe). With VoIP services you can build a PBX which serves the same voice services to all employees around the globe thus making it possible to build virtual offices. You can also easily integrate voice, e-mail and presence services with VoIP technologies.

7. More advantages include …. Ubiquity through Unified Messaging, phone mobility, geographic growth through MPLS networks using centralized services, 50% less cabling in LAN, use a portable with VoIP Client plus headsets and digital/voip phones cease to be necessary, corporate voice can go through a data MPLS network, you can receive calls over the internet on your contact center.

Keep in mind that while trying to convince your company to favor a VOIP solution … it is also important to be open and explain all the pros and cons, everything.

* Quality of voice is similar to regular PSTN solutions but not exactly the same as POTS. It might be undiscernibly but still some difference exists. How close the quality of VOIP depends on how well your company’s infrastructure is ready for VOIP, how good an SLA (Service Level Agreement) you have with you Internet Service Provider.

* When the Internet is attacked intentionally or unintentionally all VOIP equipment, end points, VOIP phones will be affected. It is very rare that a PSTN system is brought down except when a catastrophe happens and everyone is trying to call everyone.

* Voip gained such a bad reputation over the last few years, as everyone still keeps talking about low call costs and free calls. VoIP is a reasonable cost installation but not Cheap at least if you use decent kit. If you try and do everything on the cheap then you get bad call quality etc and loads of hate mail from management.

There you go … most everything you need to develop a strong argument for implementing a VoIP solution in your company. For additional assistance to work through all the specifics …. and find the most cost effective providers (hardware and services) …. I suggest using Their help is NO COST to you …. another advantage.

Retrieved from “

(ArticlesBase SC #547720)

Michael Lemm
About the Author:

Michael is the owner of FreedomFire Communications….including Small Business Resources Cafe. Michael also authors Broadband Nation where you’re always welcome to drop in and catch up on the latest BroadBand news, tips, insights, and ramblings for the masses.


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Jun 10, 2010

Ds3 Bandwidth Applications

It’s obvious that the common T1 connection can’t handle the growth in new bandwidth intensive applications being developed for the Internet. The best option for your business is to research application of a DS3 bandwidth solution.

Michael Lemml

May 12, 2010

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Michael is the owner of FreedomFire Communications….including Small Business Resources Cafe. Michael also authors Broadband Nation where you’re always welcome to drop in and catch up on the latest BroadBand news, tips, insights, and ramblings for the masses.

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News Announcement: Customer Contact Professionals Learn Strategies to Improve Employee Performance Support

Atlanta, GA — March 3, 2006

What: Discussion of Employee Performance Support Systems featuring Janet Emery

Who: A recognized leader in the field of call center performance improvement, Janet Emery has worked to build increased performance and profitability by assisting companies in managing their call center training investment.

With more than 20 years of experience at HP, Janet has an extensive background in leading for results and managing large-scale learning operations. Industry accomplishments include establishing award winning call center improvements as well as the implementation and management of large scale knowledge management and performance support systems. Ms. Emery’s role often requires proficiency with leading employee performance support systems including SupportPoint, developed by Panviva, among others.

Why: As business environments become more complex, more dispersed and more regulated – the variety of information to understand and act upon continues to increase for the average worker. Information, process, new applications and change can overwhelm the staff or associates responsible for providing important services. Today more than ever, companies are over investing in employee training and retention and under investing in tools for more immediate performance gains Janet’s discussion addresses how to help employees achieve confidence and competence in business processes, products and policies which results in greater adoption of software and standards and increased quality of service.


March 6, 2006

Customer Care Institute’s Art of Customer Care

March 5- 9, 2006

Westin Buckhead (Atlanta, Georgia)

About Emery Performance Consulting:

Emery Performance Consulting delivers the right solution for the right issue, with measurable performance results. Leveraging more than two decades of experience in the Fortune 500 corporate environment, Emery Performance Consulting is a Human Performance development group which has accomplished award-winning increases in performance in the call center industry. To optimize profitability, Emery Performance Consulting identifies the greatest leverage solution for the business through a detailed needs assessment. Emery Performance Consulting has established a proven track record for reducing the amount of time needed for new hire training in call centers, decreasing call length and rework and improving customer satisfaction. Results range from 10-40 percent performance increases for inbound call centers. For more information, visit

About Panviva:

Panviva, developers of SupportPoint, is the premier software provider of employee performance support systems to raises job proficiency for call center and sales professionals as well as business and operations staff in areas such as accounting and procurement. Panviva’s SupportPoint delivers fast access to consistently presented and personalized information beyond traditional online documentation or training simulations.

With more than 50,000 users, SupportPoint accelerates workforce adoption and daily job productivity with Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 organizations in industries such as manufacturing, insurance, distribution, telecommunications, utilities, energy and government services. Panviva offers products and services around the world directly and through service partners. Visit

# # #

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Virtual Call Center Company OnState Announces Support For Google Voice

Newburyport, Mass. — July 6, 2009

OnState Communications, the leading provider of on-demand virtual call center and PBX business communications systems, today announced that its cloud-based call center and PBX solutions fully support Google Voice, the new voice communications management tool from Google. This support combines with existing Google Talk and Google Apps support as part of OnState’s virtual call center and PBX solutions, and allows Google users to retain all of the inherent product features while building upon them to improve customer-facing communications.

“With this new support, OnState allows you to turn Google Voice into a full-featured PBX or call center for a fraction of normal industry prices,” said Pat Kelly, CEO of OnState. “And while using Google Voice you can reap the benefits inherent to OnState, including multi-modal capabilities, business- and skills-based routing, seamless application integration, reporting and analytics, and our business presence capabilities.”

OnState adds to its product a business abstraction layer called business presence™. This information tracks the availability and activity of workers wherever they are – in the office, working from home, or travelling – and intelligently connects customers to employees based on worker availability, capability, or any other company-defined criteria. OnState combines its business presence knowledge with Google Voice, Google Talk, Google Apps, Skype, Salesforce, SIP, PBXs, and traditional desk and mobile phones to help companies optimize interactive communications amongst employees and customers, independent of device, network, or medium. Businesses can add Google Voice, Google Talk, and even video chat to customer-facing communications, websites, and applications with OnState, and use business presence to direct inbound inquiries to employees that can best serve the query based, independent of employee location or available in-use applications like PBX phones, Google Talk, Google Voice, PC phones, or mobile phones.

Google Voice is designed to facilitate personal communications, but is not well suited for customer-facing applications that allow a company to establish conversations based on business logic and job functions. Business presence layered on top of Google Voice and Google Talk helps companies extend the application to improve customer satisfaction and enhance worker productivity by connecting customers on the first attempt to the person who can best serve them. By allowing office workers, telecommuters, and mobile workers to leverage Google Voice and Google Talk, OnState delivers rich call center features to ordinary employees and everyday business functions at a fraction of the price of conventional premise-based solutions.

For more information on OnState’s Google call center and PBX solutions, visit

About OnState

OnState provides real-time virtual call center and virtual PBX business communications solutions that are simple and low-cost–and highly-functional and scalable. Founded by telecom pioneers who launched GeoTel Communications (acquired by Cisco Systems), OnState’s mission is to reduce business communication costs dramatically, replacing traditional hardware-based architectures with software-only, on-demand solutions. OnState’s solutions include Virtual PBX, Virtual Call Center, Quality Assurance, Outbound Calling and On-Line Business Chat, using integrations with® and Google Apps®. For more information call: +1 617-934-0381 or toll-free 866-532-5036.

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