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I live in Yahatahigashi, Japan.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????11??????????????? Kitakyushu, Kyushu’s northernmost city and an international city with a million people, borders on the main island of Japan across the Kanmon Strait. Kitakyushu is near the Asian countries, and particularly because it is conveniently located on the straight line connecting Tokyo and Shanghai, has been blessed with prosperity as a gateway to Asia and as an industrial base in Japan. Today, Kitakyushu is advancing diverse activities under the key word ‘internationalization’ on the basis of the fundamental plan of the ‘Kitakyushu Renaissance,’ whose basic concept is ‘Toward Becoming an International and Technological City with Waterfront, Green Environment and Human Contact.’ Kitakyushu, an international, industrial and trade city with a population of one million, was established in February 1963 by the equal-basis amalgamation of five cities: Moji, Kokura, Wakamatsu, Yahata and Tobata. In around 1600, the Kitakyushu Area was spotlighted for the first time in history. Kokura Castle was constructed during that time and the area subsequently prospered as a castle town becoming the center of governmental and commercial activities in Kyushu. The Meiji government, formed in the latter half of the 19th century, noted the geographic advantages of the Kitakyushu area which had
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