Best of the Best Contact Center Reviews

As you make your way through the contact center reviews, you will find that there are a number of unique and innovative systems on the market that promise to deliver exactly what you need in your contact center. As to the validity of these promises, however, the verdict may still be out and you will likely have to dig deeper to know for sure whether these contact center reviews deliver great value for your environment.

Contact Center Reviews: NetSuite CRM+

If you don’t automatically incorporate your customer relationship management (CRM) platform with your contact center software, you are missing out on ample opportunities to capture valuable customer information and empower your agents to turn every call into a revenue-generating opportunity. NetSuite is one player in this area that you should consider in your contact center reviews. Not only is the company a powerful global presence, the NetSuite CRM+ is offered in the cloud, enabling you to leverage what you need when you need it. This platform easily combines sales-focused applications, as well as customer support and service initiatives. Order management and marketing capabilities extend the power of your global call center to ensure it is no longer a cost-based operation.

Contact Center Reviews: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you already operate a Microsoft-based environment, making this move to Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an easy shift. The company offers a robust solution that fares well in contact center reviews. Whether you leverage the platform in-house or in the cloud, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a platform to capture all customer information that ensures all key players have access. By gathering snapshots of the customer and his or her actions, all users can quickly assess next steps to provide the optimal customer experience and ensure repeat purchases. Many of the activities that need to take place within your contact center can be automated and readily screen-popped when the customer is on the phone. In addition, follow-up tasks can be easily captured and assigned for the next person handling the account.

Contact Center Reviews: inContact

If you are considering the virtual call center in your examination of contact center reviews, you need to take a closer look at inContact. This company has demonstrated its ability to perform in the global market and continues to claim more of the share. The company’s software helps companies like yours to process more than one billion calls per year and its rankings according to customer feedback demonstrate high satisfaction. The best part, you don’t have to rely solely on contact center reviews when evaluating inContact. The solution is hosted in the cloud so you can easily take it for a test drive.

Contact Center Reviews: Oracle

You’ve likely seen the Oracle brand in other contact center reviews and write-ups that have nothing to do with your space. This can make it challenging when you are trying to find the right fit. The good thing about Oracle is the company has built considerable market strength through innovative development and consistent acquisitions. This platform is optimal if yours is of the enterprise-grade, although the small business may find it overwhelming. The options seem almost endless, however, so the contact center reviews are worth exploring.

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Both Incontact and oracle call center solution is expensive and does not offer hosted solutions.

I have been using 3CLogic contact center solution which is very cost effective, hosted and offers free CRM integration. Their service and support is very good.

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