Using Google’s Call Extensions to Boost Call Center Performance

Some people just want to talk to a person. They search for a business and see multiple ads on their phone. Only one of them actually has a phone number that the person can click on so they choose to call that one. Your business could be the one getting those leads by using Google Call Extensions

Many people don’t know that Google offers Call Extensions to help drive call traffic to a business. These call extensions allow the enterprising marketer to keep track of call statistics, conduct analysis, and drive fact-based decision making. Could your contact center be missing out on these leads?

Call Extensions Make it Easy

For many consumers, the easier it is to do something, the more likely that thing will be done. Call extensions help your contact center get more calls by making it easy for customers to call you directly from an ad placement. The direct phone number links are only shown for smartphone users. If you want a phone number to appear for every device, the only thing you can do is include your number in the ad copy. However, it won’t be clickable.

You can also enable call metrics for your call extensions. These provide data such as number of total clicks on phone number, clicks from a specific ad, originating area code, and other information. These metrics require a custom Google generated phone number that automatically forwards the call to your business phone number. These phone number can be discontinued or reassigned if Google chooses to do so.

The cost per call is the same as your cost per click for the particular keyword your ad shows for. If that person clicks on your landing page link and clicks on the phone number to call your business you will be charged for each action. However, Google does provide an option to only display a phone number. If a user dials the forwarding number by hand you will be charged $1.

Using Call Extensions With Your Call Center Software

You can use call extensions with your call center software to add more functionality. Instead of using the Google generated number, you can use a custom number of your own to track results. Various solutions will work with carriers to provide you toll free numbers. Usually, you have access to a full suite of statistical, analytical, and reporting tools with your call center solution. These can provide much more information and ease of use in your use of call extensions.

Call extensions open an easier avenue for leads to reach your contact center. Make sure you consider whether call extensions can optimize your call center lead growth.

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