Avaya vs. Cisco: Unified Communication Leaders

Cisco and Avaya are leaders in the world of UC, Unified Communications. For customers, having unifying communications in their businesses means first-rate communication solutions, improved efficiency, and reliability in services they trust. Implementing UC promotes effective communication, global collaboration, scalability, growth and security for global partnerships. But how do these global leaders compare and contrast? […]


Having a Contact Center System Can Provide Better Customer Service Solutions

Contact Center System, Better Solutions A Contact center system, or call center systems, provides customer support. Traditionally this meant servicing large groups of incoming callers, but technology has dramatically changed. Now, the contact center system incorporates social media, eLearning, analytical tracking, performance management, and more. Agents and managers should anticipate learning new technologies to address […]


Adding to the Customer Call Center Experience

Customer Call Center Experience Typically, the customer call center is the focal point for customer care. Having proper customer service experiences can directly affect perception and customer opinions of your company’s brand. Indeed, with the influence of social media having a likable, ubiquitous brand is more important than ever. Delivering superior service at customer call […]


Contact Centers: Not Just Phones, But All Communication Channels

Traditional contact centers, with rows of agents answering phones, is becoming obsolete. Perhaps this is because traditional communication has also changed–customers now have a variety of methods to get in touch with customer support. Now, companies have no need to rely on having only an on-site call center, as agents have the flexibility to work […]


Utilize All Contact Center Applications in Your Company

Contact center applications, when properly implemented, should demonstrate the value of contact center functionality. Having access to a wide range of applications increases contact center visibility and control across all contact center functions. Ideally, the application suite should seamlessly integrate into your company and therefore eliminate the need to purchase products from a variety of […]


Have You Identified All Your Contact Center Software Solutions?

Contact Center Software Solutions Cloud-based contact center software solutions are gaining steam across all different SMB and enterprises as companies discover their advantages versus an on-site call center. A virtual contact center can be deployed within hours, if not minutes, and quickly upload contact center applications like IVR and establish agent call flow. Cloud based […]


Are All Top Call Center Software Choices Created Equal?

What are some impressions for top call center software? Not all call centers are created equal. Just like, not all call center software is best for every business. However, certain call center values, like flexibility and functionality, can affect how easily top call center software integrates with your company. When looking over top call center software, […]


Moving to A More Efficient Call Center System

Call Center Systems Business call centers provide customer services for callers. Contact center agents answer questions and complaints, and help clients with new products and features. Some examples includes utility companies and customer support for computer hardware and software (for example, Dell). Some businesses service internal functions through call centres, like help desks, retail financial […]


Should Your Company Switch Over to Hosted Call Center Solutions?

Hosted Call Center Solutions, What’s All the hubbub? By now, almost everyone has heard of the clever catch phrase, “Going to the Cloud” that certain television commercials use for their campaigns. But what does “going to the cloud” actually entail for companies? More and more companies are uploading  and storing data onto “cloud,” or hosted, […]


How Can Call Center Management Software Help Your Company?

Call Center Management Software Call centers have changed dramatically over the last few years. With the emergence of quick, efficient technology it is critical now more than ever to be sure your company has the right call center management software in place. Implementing call center management software will save precious time and money without sacrificing […]