Making Your Call Center a Lync Call Center

Microsoft caused significant waves when it announced the availability of its Lync call center platform,promising that it would provide a powerful communication experience. As users consistently challenge this platform to deliver on its collaborative promises, organizations of all sizes are finding that it also drives effective call center support. If you are considering a move […]


How Does Lync Contact Center Compare to the Competition?

In the contact center space, Microsoft has been driving much attention to its Lync contact center as it provides for a standalone, Unified Communications platform to better support collaboration, engagement and deliver a more accessible experience. While the Lync contact center may sound appealing to those with heavy PBX investments, can this platform hold its […]


Fonality Review: How Their Cloud-Based Communications Can Help Your Call Center

You’ve heard all the buzz surrounding the move to the cloud, but why should you consider it for your call center? You’ve got all the tools in place to measure performance, answer calls quickly, minimize hold times, automate dialing and other intensive tasks. In other words, your environment works, so why change it? The answer […]


Why Businesses Are Turning to inContact

With so many customers to interact with on a daily basis, your company is likely feeling the growing pains of the recovery. This is a great challenge to have, demonstrating that you not only survived the economic downturn, but that you are also ready to embrace the opportunities emerging in the market. At the same […]


Keep Customers Happy with a Robust Call Centre Solution

Let’s face it – every call centre today wants to deliver service that makes customers happy. The difference is the way in which this is accomplished has changed. Traditionally speaking, the call centre could rely on outbound campaigns to achieve its goals. Today, there is so much more involved in customer service, including reaching the […]


How Genesys Software can Empower Your Call Center

It seems that there is a constant challenge to find the right balance when it comes to performance and cost. Those programs that allow your company to perform at a higher level always seem to cost way too much. Genesys was created to help you find that balance at a very cost effective price. Genesys […]


Best of the Best Contact Center Reviews

As you make your way through the contact center reviews, you will find that there are a number of unique and innovative systems on the market that promise to deliver exactly what you need in your contact center. As to the validity of these promises, however, the verdict may still be out and you will […]


Call Center Software Comparison to Find the Best Fit For Your Business Needs

In the call center environment, you rely heavily on technology to help you and your team to achieve specific performance levels. You also know that technology changes quickly; and in order to maintain your competitive advantage in the market, you need to be able to continue to advance and innovate. To make this your primary […]


Shop Smart! Compare Contact Center Software to Find the Best Choice

You know you need robust contact center software to ensure the ultimate success of your contact center, but you can have the opposite result if you don’t take the time to stop and compare contact center software to be sure you are making the right choice. There are too many solutions available in the market […]


From Point A to Point B-The Right Contact Center Solution for Your Business

The right contact center solution can mean different things in different environments. You know that your call center has specific challenges. Some of those challenges only occur within your industry, while others occur only within your company. There is a right contact center solution for your environment, but you have to effectively identify your environment […]