Looking to the Cloud? Try a Virtual Call Center

Like most companies operating in the changing market, you are taking a closer look at cloud computing, wondering if you should make the leap. You understand that there are both risks and benefits, but you also know that you can gain more functionality at a lower price when you consider moving operations to the cloud. The good news is that before you make that really big jump, you can launch a virtual call center to determine how well the platform works within your culture. Making such a move doesn’t require too much sacrifice on your part, and the subsequent benefits may be more than you anticipate.

The Move in the Virtual Call Center Space

Did you ever thing you would see the day when companies would prefer to hire agents who worked from home? That day has arrived as a number of organizations have found that placing their agents on a virtual call center solution enables them to create a more productive and efficient environment than what they experienced with a brick-and-mortar call center. LiveOps is one virtual call center player that supports a network of more than 20,000 independent agents that work out of their homes. When companies create a virtual call center with a proven provider like LiveOps, they gain best practices and can implement proven platforms.

The Virtual Call Center and the Labor Pool

The benefits of the home-based agent are great, but perhaps your culture is not conducive to support such a move. This doesn’t mean that you can’t launch a virtual contact center; it simply means you have to take a different approach. The virtual call center platform can be established anywhere in the world, allowing you to still rent out – or purchase – office space where your call center agents will work. The virtual call center platform is launched from your network and your servers, yet your agents are located on the other side of the world. As a result, you can take advantage of lower cost labor and hours that support a global virtual call center, while still keeping your customer service expectations in check.

Communities Benefit from the Virtual Call Center

Whether you have your eye on establishing a virtual call center on international soil, or simply within the U.S., the tools you have at your disposal give you great capability to benefit communities. Whether the jobs are home-based or not, the virtual call center offers a more aggressive pricing structure, allowing for agents to make a higher wage. As a result, you are creating better jobs within communities you reach for filling positions. This benefits the local community, boosting  your brand and the public’s perception of your participation in the market. You can certainly leverage that reality to help promote your products and your services.

While it is true that the virtual call center is a great way to “get your feet wet” in cloud computing, it can provide your organization with so much more benefit if you take a closer look. The cost reductions and efficiency gains alone make the virtual call center worth considering.

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