Product Spotlight: Aspect Workforce Optimization Platform

The Aspect workforce optimization platform delivers strategic workforce planning, workforce scheduling, quality and performance management, recording, surveying, coaching, eLearning and analytics to help companies improve productivity and reduce costs in front- and back-office operations. See how this product can be utilized below. Product Capabilities Workforce Management Determines the right mix of inbound, outbound, blended and […]


Improving Public Perceptions of Contact Centers

Contact center agents have a lot of pressure on them. They represent what can potentially be great, and poor, about the company. Great agents means repeat customers, brand loyalty, and attracting new clients. Poorly trained agents can lose business. Improving customer satisfaction is a top priority for all contact centers, so why are there still […]


WorkSpace Communications Partnership with AltiGen Delivers SaaS Contact Center Solution

WorkSpace Communications, one of the premier cloud providers of unified communications solutions, recently signed an agreement with AltiGen Communications, a leading provider of integrated Microsoft-based unified communications solutions. Per their partnership agreement both companies will deliver a hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) contact center for Microsoft Lync. WorkSpace as a Contact Center The integration of this partnership […]


Whaleback Launches Crystal Blue Contact Center

One of the best managed business systems in the industry, Whaleback Systems, recently announced their CrystalBlue contact center solution for small-to-medium enterprises (SME). What is Whaleback Systems? Whaleback Systems is a leading provider of cloud-based managed business services. Their solutions provide end-to-end services and offer flexible, feature-rich VoIP calling packages, and high-touch customer service. Their […]


Social Media Strategies Assisting Contact Centers

Social Media Common Place in Call Centers Social media is taking center stage as the way to instantaneously address customers in real time. Call centers choosing not to implement this critical component are unwisely missing out on an enormous customer base. Developing social media in call centers is an excellent way to gain public trust, […]


Choosing Virtual Call Center Software Features

As a business, you are already well aware of the importance of customer care call centers. Great call centers enhance business prospects by simultaneously increasing and retaining a customer service base. No matter what size company owned, it is always a good idea to have a fantastic call center which meets the needs of your […]


Credit Unions Harness the Power of Efficient Call Center Software

The number one reason people chose a local credit union over a big bank can be summed up in two words: customer service. Big banks, like Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America are outsourcing call centers, increasing their fees and unfortunately promoting a high disregard of overall customer service. Where banks are certainly failing […]


InVision Software AG: Germany Conference Presenting on Call Center Software

Strudel, beer … call centers!? Germany is definitely known for Oktoberfest, but how about hosting call center industry events? InVision Software, an international provider of cloud-based workforce management (WFM) solutions, is presenting at this year’s fifth consecutive “Erfolgreiches Callcenter” or “Successful Callcenter” on November 8, 2011, at the Congress Park Hanau in Germany. The theme […]


Call Center Software Promotes Efficient Customer Service

Americans have always prided themselves on customer service excellence. Customer feedback, positive and negative, can spread like wildfire and directly effect an increase (or decrease!) in your business. Social media websites, like Yelp, have made it easy to rank customer service experiences. How a customer is treated through call centers reflects the company’s commitment towards […]


Inova LightLink Announces Interoperablity with Aspect Unified IP

Inova, a provider of real time communications solutions, announced today that its Inova LightLink product is compliant with Aspect’s Unified IP contact center software. Aspect is a provider of unified contact center platforms. LightLink allows call center information and metrics from databases, workforce management systems, automated dialers, and automatic call distribution systems to be displayed […]