Whaleback Launches Crystal Blue Contact Center

One of the best managed business systems in the industry, Whaleback Systems, recently announced their CrystalBlue contact center solution for small-to-medium enterprises (SME).

What is Whaleback Systems?

Whaleback Systems is a leading provider of cloud-based managed business services. Their solutions provide end-to-end services and offer flexible, feature-rich VoIP calling packages, and high-touch customer service. Their services are used by a multitude of industries including retail, legal, financial, real estate, service, medical, construction, food and tourism.

CrystalBlue Contact Center Design

The CrystalBlue contact center enables organizations to better manage inbound calls by quickly ensuring that all calls are automatically routed to the correct individual or department through simple and easy to set up automatic call distribution lists. CrystalBlue contact centers offers on-demand service with no hardware or software investments. Agents only need a PC, phone and internet connectivity. This means companies could have their full contact center fully functioning within mere hours.

Because CrystalBlue contact center takes into account having a virtual environment, in other words, an agent can be at any location, there are no additional efforts or cost. CrystalBlue is also implementing an automatic call distribution (ACD). ACD takes into consideration the skill sets of the agent, the priorities to be addressed, longest idle times, and queue thresholds that allow for the best of customer service. In addition, this is a web-based interface so it allows monitoring, reporting, and log-ins for the agents in real time. Configuration screens for the supervisors provide full control on all aspects of the contact center environment.

Since it is in a virtual environment, the configuration manager makes set up and management very easy. The 7×24 based operations for routing of calls allows for a multitude of sites to have follow-the-sun call handling.

Bottom Line

“The most powerful way of gaining and retaining customers is by building strong and lasting relationships. The CrystalBlue Contact Center enables SMEs to become more customer-centric, operate more efficiently, and increase profitability,” said Karil Reibold, CEO and President at Whaleback. “We are providing SMEs the same functionality found in traditional, hardware intensive and expensive call centers but we have removed the cost and complexity.

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