Social Media Strategies Assisting Contact Centers

Social Media Common Place in Call Centers

Social media is taking center stage as the way to instantaneously address customers in real time. Call centers choosing not to implement this critical component are unwisely missing out on an enormous customer base. Developing social media in call centers is an excellent way to gain public trust, increase brand recognition, and reinforce company ideals.

Statistical Evidence: Customers DO want to use Social Media

Recent studies show that customers vent their frustrations and hangups on social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter. This results in the kind of publicity most companies would rather address and fix, as quickly as possible. According to research led by the Society of New Communications Research, “59 percent of participants admitted they frequently use social media to “vent” about their negative customer support experience.” Even further, “72 percent of those surveyed said they have used social media to research the reputation of a company in terms of customer care prior to purchase.”

One thing is pretty clear: social media has a strong presence contact centers shouldn’t ignore.

By actively participating in social media, companies have the ability to not only tell, but visually “show and address” customer complaints. That means if someone complained about a bad retail experience on a Friday, an agent could offer a solution almost immediately. That is quick service, all without leaving your house. From a business standpoint, this is great for holding on to repeat customers.

Without social media, contact centers lacks online business strategies. How would they even be aware of an issue? What about looking at positive feedback from a recent promotion or campaign? There is no better way to gauge your audience than looking at their online feedback.

Additionally, some call center software has features which feeds e-mail alerts, produced by social media sites or tools, directly into the call center queue. From there, agents can manage and track social media mentions via the contact center and provide a complete, 360-degree turn around. Social media in the contact center is like the gift that keeps on giving.

Bottom Line With Customers and Social Media

On the flip-side, companies already sufficient at supporting their customers could view social media as an additional layer of customer care. It is a practical, and often times free, way to generate additional sales leads or monitor promotion efficiency. The values and ideas are truly limitless.

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