Inova LightLink Announces Interoperablity with Aspect Unified IP

Inova, a provider of real time communications solutions, announced today that its Inova LightLink product is compliant with Aspect’s Unified IP contact center software. Aspect is a provider of unified contact center platforms.

LightLink allows call center information and metrics from databases, workforce management systems, automated dialers, and automatic call distribution systems to be displayed intelligently on LED call center wallboards. In addition, LCD digital signage, web based dashboards, and agent desktops can also receive and display the information from LightLink.

Productive Partnership

Pete Sisti, Inova Solutions’ CEO, was happy to have Aspect’s contact center platform certified for use with the LightLink offering:

“We are pleased to add Aspect Unified IP to our growing list of certified interoperable LightLink data sources. Aspect Unified IP customers can add tremendous value to their contact centers by combining the power of LightLink and real-time reporting solutions with their existing Aspect systems.”

Mike Ely, Aspect’s vice president of technology, was explained the pivotal role of the company’s partner program in allowing Inova to collaborate with Aspect to allow interoperability:

“The Aspect Technology Alliance Partner Program allows Aspect to work closely with vendors in designing and building integrations to Aspect products to enhance our complete customer offering, just as Inova LightLink has. This collaborative relationship with Inova has produced exciting results, which will allow our customers the opportunity to fully maximize on their unified contact center investments.”

Sisti added:

“Inova Solutions looks forward to maintaining this strategic partnership with Aspect and providing our mutual customers, such as NorthShore, best-in-class contact center solutions.”

Aspect’s Technology Alliance Partner Program gives partners the opportunity to offer products that integrate with Aspect’s core offerings. Inova’s LightLink product was subject to verification testing in order to ensure interoperability with Aspect’s offerings. The partnership is beneficial because it allows Inova and other technology partners to offer their products throughout Aspect’s customer base.

Inova’s LightLink technology should prove useful in delivering actionable intelligence throughout the business. By providing data to agents and managers through their desktops or through the web, in addition to signboards, they can make more effective decisions. In addition, since everyone can view the same information, employees will focus more on analyzing the data instead of fighting over who has the data. Good information is necessary for people to be effective; by providing a convenient channel for that information to be delivered over multiple mediums, Inova is facilitating greater productivity in the contact center.

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