Product Spotlight: Aspect Workforce Optimization Platform

The Aspect workforce optimization platform delivers strategic workforce planning, workforce scheduling, quality and performance management, recording, surveying, coaching, eLearning and analytics to help companies improve productivity and reduce costs in front- and back-office operations. See how this product can be utilized below.

Product Capabilities

Workforce Management

  • Determines the right mix of inbound, outbound, blended and back office resources, while optimizing enterprise experts with flexible forecasting, scheduling and tracking tools
  • Aligns front-line personnel with strategic initiatives and improves the likelihood of organizational success
  • Improves employee performance and productivity by focusing on KPIs that will drive strategy
  • Reduces risks by coaching employees on policies and legal requirements
  • Enables companies to understand root cause through speech analytics, process analytics and desktop analytics
  • Helps reduce IT costs with a standards-based business intelligence application

Quality Management

  • Records and evaluates agent performance, captures customer feedback and leverages speech analytics to improve business processes, meet regulatory requirements, mitigate risk and improve employee performance
  • Reduces liability through full-time contact and screen capture recording
  • Improves employee performance and reduces risks through quality scorecards
  • Measures consumer sentiment and employee performance using Web-based surveys
  • Gains key customer and process insights and automatic scoring through speech analytics
  • Ensures payment card industry (PCI) compliance and avoids infractions using powerful encryption technology

Performance Management

  • Empowers agents to manage and improve their performance by ensuring they are focused on the most impactful key performance indicators (KPIs), provides scorecards, and automatically initiates alerts and coaching

Next-Generation Customer Contact

Aspect’s professional services help customers get the most out of their investments with custom applications that seamlessly bring together information and resources within the contact center, and across the enterprise, for a heightened focus on improving the customer experience and operational productivity. Aspect provides innovative applications for the next-generation customer contact center. To take full advantage of unified communications, collaboration, and workforce management, visit Aspect at

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