How to do a Contact Center Solutions Comparison

Customer service is a key focus for any organization trying to achieve differentiation in the market. The contact center serves as the primary interaction point between your company and your customers, making it critical that your contact center solutions support your efforts to drive customer satisfaction. To find the right fit with the proper customer […]


Compare Call Center: Features and Services to Consider

How do you compare call center vendors effectively to determine the best fit for your environment? As with any software purchase, you have to fit the solution according to your needs. This can be a challenge in the call center space simply because the available features and services can be extensive. You also need to […]


How to Find the Best Call Center Software for Your Business

The call center software space is teeming with vendors promising you the best call center software the market has to offer. In reality, what one company in your space identifies as the best call center software won’t necessarily work well in your own environment. You have to do the leg work by identifying the needs […]


Why a Call Center Online Won’t Solve All Your Budget Problems

The concept of cloud computing is drawing more attention for the call center online as organizations are seeking ways to improve performance while also reducing the cost of customer service. This alternative approach to managing customer interactions offers a lower cost to entry, but must be supported through subscription-based pricing. Moving the cost of your […]


What is Microsoft Lync, and What Can it do for Your Call Center?

The attention buzzing around Microsoft Lync has turned the heads of those seeking to implement a more unified contact center approach to their customer service. While this platform appears to offer everything you need to streamline your call center operations, is it the right move for your company? To answer this question, you need to […]


Contactual Review: How They Compare to the Competition

For any organization seeking to migrate their call center operations to a hosted platform, there are a number of proven players competing for their business. Providers like Five9, inContact and Contactual offer robust solutions that not only make migrating your environment to the cloud easy, but also cost effective. Before deciding on the best provider, […]


The Top 5 Benefits of Call Monitoring Solutions

Within the call center environment, you’re under intense pressure to deliver high quality service, meet all performance expectations and maintain a very tight budget. How do you do all of this while still motivating your agents so you can keep attrition at a manageable level? Have you tried leveraging the power of call monitoring solutions […]


Call Center Solution Reviews: Five9

Five9 has been a key player in the virtual call center space, receiving accolades and recognition for its approach to the customer service industry. The company has even been placed among for its dominance in the hosted space, demonstrating its market power and the value it delivers. If it’s time for your organization to […]


Can A Hosted Contact Center Compete Financially with Outsourcing?

The concept of providing optimal customer service to your client base takes priority within your organization, yet it’s also a significant financial burden. Like many other companies facing similar challenges, you’re exploring the potential of a hosted contact center, as well as the opportunities offered through overseas outsourcers. Companies like Five9, inContact and Contactual offer […]


Interactive Intelligence Review: An In-Depth Look

The call center software industry is one nearly over-saturated with providers, each promising that its solutions will solve all of your problems and deliver an ideal experience for all of your customers. With so many options and seemingly identical solutions, how do you select the best fit for your company’s needs? One important step is […]