A Few Tips to Find the Best Contact Center Software

Best Contact Center Software Once your contact center is up and running you’ll want to research the best contact center software for your company. Modern call centers are complex and difficult to manage, often times handling product inquiries, sales and support, account management and so forth. You’ll want the best contact center software available to […]


How the Genesys Call Center Can Work for Your Company

What is Genesys? Genesys is a world-class leading supplier of Enterprise software and practices, which consistently maintains the best customer service excellence. The Genesys call center offers excellent customer service including some of the following features: Effective, Intelligent Call Routing The Genesys call center implements an effective and intelligent call routing system. In it, calls […]


Analyze Company Needs When Conducting Call Center Software Reviews

Analyze Company Needs When Conducting Call Center Software Reviews Researching for the best call center software reviews can be quite the task. But it is a critical one, too. Finding the right call center software will ensure customer service excellence, increase productivity and revenue, and also achieve greater call center agent work happiness. When looking […]


Choosing the Right Contact Center Vendor

You know you need a powerful contact center platform to support your customer service initiatives, but how do you go about selecting the right contact center vendor to support these efforts? Aside from conducting your own contact center solutions comparison of selected suites, you also need to consider the support that is delivered, the experience […]


Call Center Outsourcing: Is It Right for Your Business?

Call center outsourcing once earned a poor reputation as the movement of jobs to offshore destinations. While offshore outsourcing is still a strategic focus for a number of organizations, call center outsourcing does not always mean you have to move your operations offshore. Instead, you can partner with a call center outsourcing provider who will […]


The Value of a Call Center Dialer

Throughout your organization, there are very few departments that experience as many dynamic changes and challenges as the call center. Skilled agents juggle everything from internal communications to customer interactions, meeting key performance indicators and driving the call center toward its strategic goals. While all of this is taking place, agents don’t have time to […]


Must-Have Features in Call Center Software Solutions

The vast array of features available in call center software solutions can be somewhat overwhelming for the individual just starting to examine his or her call center needs. There are specific features that any call center must have to compete effectively in today’s market, including call recording, call center analytics, workforce management, compliance management and […]


Virtual Call Center Software Reviews: The Solutions that Drive Customer Satisfaction

With the technology advancements in virtual platforms, a number of companies are seeking to leverage the benefits of the virtual call center. Such a platform allows you to support at-home agents and deliver seamless customer service without the expense and management of the brick and mortar call center. As this industry continues to expand, value […]


Hosted Call Center Comparison: Telax vs. 3CLogic vs. Angel.com

You’re familiar with the benefits of the Cloud, but should you really trust the hosting capabilities of another company to support your customer service efforts within the call center? In reality, hosted call center solutions can deliver significant cost savings and access to extended capabilities as long you select the right vendor. Take a look […]


Five9 vs. inContact: Who Has the Best Call Center Solution?

It’s time to launch your call center in the cloud, but how do you select the right vendor to supply the Software as a Service? Both Five9 and inContact present strong value propositions in the market and both offer the features and support you need. Is there enough of a difference between the two to […]