Business Benefits of Computer Telephony Integration

Technology advancements over the past 10 years have put significant pressure on human capability to meet customer expectations. Interactions between the customer and a company used to mean live phone calls and completing a transaction or resolving the issue within that phone call. While live interactions are still very much a part of the current […]


Must Have Tools for Contact Center Management

Contact center management can be one of the most daunting tasks within any organization. The contact center is often the division of the company that can be the most expensive without a clear path for revenue generation – unless the contact center is solely focused on sales. Either way, the contact center is often the […]


How to Derive Value from Call Software

There are a number of different technology solutions available within the call or contact center that are meant to drive value. The challenge for any decision maker is to determine how to select the right call software solution that will actually deliver value within their unique environment. Challenges and opportunities can vary and identifying the […]


Benefits of Selecting the Right Contact Center Software

The contact center is easily the most expensive division of a company and therefore any investment – including contact center software – is evaluated with heightened scrutiny. Upper management may be putting the pressure on your decision making skills to ensure you only purchase the bare minimum of what you need to drive an effective […]


Why Going with a Virtual Call Center Solution Is a Better Choice

In the realm of the call center industry, standard brick and mortar call centers are no longer the only option when implementing a strategy for customer interactions. With the proliferation of cloud computing and virtual technologies, a number of companies are turning to a virtual call center environment. While both traditional and virtual call centers […]