Should Your Company Switch Over to Hosted Call Center Solutions?

Hosted Call Center Solutions, What’s All the hubbub?

By now, almost everyone has heard of the clever catch phrase, “Going to the Cloud” that certain television commercials use for their campaigns. But what does “going to the cloud” actually entail for companies? More and more companies are uploading  and storing data onto “cloud,” or hosted, software solutions. Gone are the days where companies had to purchase more hardware to meet their technology needs. Companies have developed hosted call center solutions with more functionality than traditional hardware, at only a fraction of the cost.

Technology Bits and Bobs

For most call centers there are a few steps which need to be addressed initially. Firstly, figuring out when the need for hosted call center solution software has progressed enough to a point to justify company investment, and then secondly, learning how your company will integrate and streamline call center software.

Overall, providing hosted call center solutions for your company assures customers you provide the very best in technology and customer service. Indeed, most software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies implement carrier-grade call center technology, in which, clients can integrate a customizable, user-friendly hosted call center solution which includes advanced interactive voice response (IVR) and universal automatic call distributors (ACD).

Additionally, hosted call center solutions should also include video chat, email, voice, workforce management, recordings, reports, executive dashboards, remote agents, disaster recovery, screen pop integration, and social media.

So, what’s the bottom line? The bottom line is that hosted call centers provide lower infrastructure maintenance costs, flexible agent staffing, quick time to deploy, and greater efficiency for call center operations to run effectively. That is certainly a lot of value for the low initial start up cost.

Are Hosted Call Center Solutions THE Solution?

Assess the size of your business. Is it worth transitioning over to a hosted call center solution in the short term? How about in the long run? Some software-as-a-service companies cater to enterprise solutions, but almost all others offer solutions to small, medium and enterprise-sized companies for inbound, outbound, and blended environments, including predictive dialing and auto dialing. For start-up companies having to watch their bottom line, it makes good economic sense to provide a hosted call center solutions feature.

Can Hosted Call Center Solutions Offer More than Monetary Savings?

Companies are moving away from traditional hardware, albeit still at a slow rate. But on the flip side, call center managers may not have to hire additional call center staff, which means more in cost-savings. That’s because cloud-based operations are comprehensive, and companies can support a community of customers. Hosted call center solutions are therefore much easier for the non-IT person to understand. The tools have an intuitive feel and design.

Even more exciting is that agents can take advantage of customer intelligence immediately. So instead of waiting months while IT teams re-invent integrations, changes can be implemented in a matter of minutes or hours.


The features that hosted call center solutions offer make them an ideal choice for any company that wants to remain up to date with the most user friendly and latest call center technology. With low initial start up costs, and effortless streamlining and efficiency, having hosted call center solutions can make good business sense.

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