Enkata Review

Company: Enkata
Website: http://www.enkata.com
Enkata is a critical component of how world class companies understand and address why customers contact them, why they re-contact them, how to increase customer engagement, and ultimately how to increase customer value. Enkata customers share one thing in common – a commitment to deliver a highly personalized customer interaction, right the first time. Enkata’s on demand Strategic Service Suite products, powered by its patented Action Analytics, are used by over 100,000 end users with over 1 billion transactions managed to date. Enkata customers include global industry leaders such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of NY Mellon, and Independence Blue Cross.Enkata Key Features
  • Improve FCR, stop repeat calls: Calculate and distribute FCR metrics for 100% of calls to the front lines to coach and train away the causes of repeat calls.
  • Analytics powered solutions: Products that suggest “next best actions”, detect and replay complex repeat call sequences, pinpoint root causes – making achieving ROI fast.
  • Funded transition to profit center: With Enkata’s First Contact Resolution business solution, reduce incoming calls by 3-5%, freeing up agent time for selling .
  • Integrated analytics and performance management: Single solution for root cause analytics and operational dashboards and workflow – single version of truth.
  • Easy to start, do business with: Enkata is 100% on demand with deployments taking a fraction of your IT resources and time. Rapid applications are live in less than 60 days.

Enkata Software Suite

  • Enkata Call Center Suite

Standout Features

  • FCR
  • Analytics
  • Performance management applications
  • Coaching Plans
  • Activity Tracker
  • Customer Experience Map
  • Call Recordings

Enkata’s on demand, analytics-powered performance management suite of products is built on an advanced analytics engine that analyzes 100% of your customer interactions and agent activities to eliminate the guesswork. Every product provides exactly what you need to pinpoint and fix the underlying causes of poor performance.

Happy Customers
Chase, Accenture, Uniprise, BNY Mellon, citi, Blue Cross

There are self service tools and documents on the Enkata website that users can access for help.  Customer service representatives are also available by phone and email.

Bottom Line
Today’s customer operations face a more challenging environment than ever before. You’re asked to do more with less, keep customers happy and boost top-line revenue. You have tough business challenges. Enkata makes delivering a great customer experience at a low cost possible. The results speak for themselves. Enkata customers see immediate improvement in repeat calls, handle time, sales, and customer satisfaction. Your company can save 2-3 times your initial investment in less than 12 months with minimal IT involvement.