Aastra Technologies Call Center Review

Company: Aastra Technologies

Website: www.aastra.com

Aasta is a leading company of the enterprise communication market around the world. Aastra develops and delivers innovative communication products and applications for businesses. Aastra is dedicated to enterprise communications and offers a complete portfolio of unified communications solutions, tailored to each company’s needs.

What Aastra can do

Aastra can help unify communications helping your employees, business partner,  and customers connect, communicate and conduct business in real time. Aastra provides multimedia contact centers, and IP telephony, which allows enhanced work capabilities while reducing costs.

Product Key Features

Whether you’re a small business, a medium-sized or very large enterprise, Aastra has the solutions to accommodate your business needs.

Aastra Smart Centers are a complete multimedia contact center, which hosts a variety of communication platforms. The smart center also
distributes calls, voicemails, fax, and social-media integration
allows easy integration into existing infrastructure like CRM, media and web presence.


Support services are managed on a local basis from within each country where Aastra is located. Aastra also provides a variety of support options so a company can maximize the most amount of benefits.


VoIP platform, Solution components are standards-based (SIP) whenever possible, IP telephony, Astra MX-ONE.

Happy Customers

Aastra provides communication solutions for a host of different customers,  including: Texas A&M, Viking Line, VOO, Global Office GmbH, Lambrakis Press.

Bottom Line

Aastra’s contact center solutions are designed to help you meet and exceed your customer’s expectations. Whether you have a need for just a few agents, or several thousand. Finally, the multimedia contact center allows customers to chose the contact method most convenient for them — phone, email, fax, SMS, chat or web — which provides an overall improved customer experience.