Amcat Call Center Review

Company: Noble-Amcat

Amcat call center solutions allow companies to more effectively communicate with their customers via multiple channels including inbound / outbound and blended voice, email, fax and the Web. Amcat contact center solutions increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve the quality of each contact.

Amcat is committed to providing the highest value proposition, the most flexible and feature rich product solution and the greatest customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Amcat call centers incorporate a host of technology solutions, such as, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Outbound contact management, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Multichannel systems with IP enabled dialers, ACD and VoIP, among others. With Amcat call centers, prospects and customers receive consistent, professional messages and data from your agents, leading to more call resolutions and successful interactions. Two key products for call centers includes:

Contact Center Suite

  • A comprehensive unified business communications solution: inbound, outbound, blended and multichannel.
  • Manageability and control of information for real-time decision support.
  • Value added to existing solutions including PBX, ACD, CRM and office applications.
  • Enhanced customer and agent interactions, improved CRM.
  • Low cost of ownership.

Nobel-Amcat Communicator

One of the most flexible and comprehensive agent desktop interaction tool available today. The agent and design tools from Amcat call center solutions offer the best in agent productivity and efficiency.

  • CTI Screen – information is populated directly into the agent’s conversation guide.
  • Hosts better interactions, as the agent focuses on the customer rather than fumbling and searching for information.
  • Virtual Assistant – If all agents are busy, the customer can leave a recording specifying a number where they can be reached.


Amcat call centers use an open database structure that supports Microsoft SQL server or Oracle. The solution is ODBC compliant and supports import and data exchange with most programs. Amcat also provides a fully documented Application Programming Interface so that organizations can easily build custom applications that interoperate with the Amcat system.


Contact centers are designed to provide the highest degree of software operability and hardware reliability for 24/7operations. Support personnel will assist customers in every phase of the Amcat implementation. Companies can easily reach Amcat call center support services by either phone or email, whatever meets your business requirements.

Happy Customers

Amcat call center solutions can be integrated for any business that operates a call center including outsourced cetners, financial institutions, mortgage and debt collection, insurance, manufacturing, fund raising, research and local government sectors. Some customer include: Eurocom, SOL Enterprises, Weatherseal, American Fidelity Group and AXA Assistance Canada.

Bottom Line

Amcat call center solutions provide a consistent methodology for delivering critical information to customers and capturing new data. The company is scalable, and solutions are designed to grow and adapt as your business changes. In addition, Amcat call center focuses on customer service and attests that their Customer Care has contributed to the overall success of their business and operations.