Call Center Review

Website:, a subsidiary for MicroStrategy, is a customer service and call center solution provider.  Deployment is fast and easy and’s call center solution is delivered as a SaaS. has more than 1,6000 customers in over 20 different industries. The Virtual Call Center will increase customer satisfaction, deliver high quality applications, increase revenue and empower both the customer and the agent. Key Features’s call center solutions have a wide range of features, including a Site Builder, comprehensive reporting, advanced ACD functionality and a supervisor monitor.  The call center solution will personalize the customer experience, increasing their satisfaction and yours.  Below is a list of the key features of’s Virtual Call Center.

Virtual Call Center

    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – customers will be directed to the appropriate agent faster and easier.
    • Database and CRM Integration – third party integration allow data-rich customer interactions.
    • Queue Stats Report – provides time marked report on service levels, wait times and more.
    • Automated Call Routing – managers can assign calls to agents based on skill, availability or any other factor to increase efficiency.

Standout Features

  • has a Site Builder toolkit, which is award winning, so users can deploy and manage their call center application without any IT support.
  • promises a positive ROI from day one.
  • is well funded, because of MicroStrategy, so it has the ability it needs to grow and expand for its customers.
  • No software or hardware is required, so deployment is fast and easy.

Technology’s on-demand call center solutions are delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), so no hardware or software is required.  The solutions can be deployed in as little as a few days.  The call center is a fully hosted solution.

Happy Customers
Kellog’s, Reebok, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Healthways, KB Toys, Raytheon, Borland

Support provides phone and email support 24/7.  Also, customers can access’s support center, which is a knowledge base that has frequently asked questions.

Bottom Line’s call center solutions are flexible, scalable and reliable.  They are sure to increase the satisfaction of both the customer and the agent as well as increase the overall efficiency within your business.  The call center experience is personalized and easy to use. Try’s online demo to see if their solution is right for your company.