Avaya Call Center Review

Company: Avaya
Website: http://www.avaya.com

Avaya is a leading business communication systems provider, which offers a wide range of call centers, data solutions and other relevant services. Avaya’s solutions are ideal for small, medium and large enterprise companies in a variety of industries, including healthcare and education. Their solutions will help companies improve customer service, collaboration and overall efficiency. Avaya’s secure products are simple, flexible and will have both the business employees and the customers satisfied. Two of Avaya’s well known products are the Call Center Solution Suite and the Business Advocate solution.

Avaya Key Features
Avaya’s products are well priced, comprehensive solutions that integrate with many other hardware solutions so companies do not have to change their existing investments. All of the solutions are secure, have easy to use interfaces and program management services. One major perk of using Avaya is that their employees will provide continuous guidance and consulting to help you get the most out of their products.

Call Center Solution Suite 5.0

    • Conditional Call Routing – the call routing is flexible as managers can connect incoming calls to the agent with the appropriate skills, the least busy agent or the first one available.
    • Network Optimization Services – improves performance of complicated     communications networks.
    • Offers SIP – lowers network, delivery and endpoint costs.
    • Self-Funded Roadmap – shows you how to save and invest.

Business Advocate

    • Automated Control- allows managers to control call distribution and agents as     needed, quickly.
    • Predicted Wait Time – this helps improve service and increase efficiency.
    • Customer Segmentation policies –     companies customize their own so resources are maximized.
    • Contact Center Design & Integration – streamlines contact center operations, thereby saving costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Standout Features

  • Recognized as No. 1 global leader in Worldwide Contact Centers, Audio Conferencing, Unified Communications and Telephony Systems and Enterprise Messaging.
  • Gartner named Avaya as a leader in 2010 for Corporate Telephony, Unified Communications and Contact Center Infrastructure.
  • Avaya offers different solutions based on a number of factors, including business need, such as cutting costs, industry and size of company.
  • Avaya was named on of the World’s Most Ethical Companies.

Avaya solutions can integrate with traditional circuit switched, H.323 and SIP networks. It is also compatible with hybrid environments.

Happy Customers
Genworth Financial, Entergy, City of Indianapolis, Ind., Charter Steel, Bank of Ireland, Grene Vision Group

Avaya representatives are always available for consulting and guidance. Users can contact them by phone or they can access the online tutorials and guidance tools on Avaya’s website.

Bottom Line
Avaya’s call center solutions are flexible, inexpensive and easy to use. They ensure increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. There is great potential for growth with Avaya because their solutions will help your company increase its number of customers because it will be able to handle more calls. Avaya’s solutions are customizable and widespread, which make them perfect for any type of company.