Cicero Call Center Review

Company Name: Cicero Inc.

Cicero Inc. is a company that provides contact center solutions to enterprise companies.  Their focus is to maximize every customer interaction that takes place.  Their unique and innovative solutions are cost-effective and improve efficiency.  Their solutions emphasize desktop integration and business process automation.  Cicero XM is their product line for call centers.

Cicero Inc. Key Features
Cicero has two product families, but the one for contact centers is Cicero XM.  According to Cicero Inc., Cicero XM is the new standard in customer experience management solutions for contact centers.  Cicero XM has many features, such as user guidance, automation, analysis, screen pops, a customizable interface and more.  Below is a comprehensive list of Cicero XM’s core features.

Cicero XM

• Scripting – scripting ensures that agents provide a consistent and quality experience.
• Prompting – directs customers to the appropriate agent or resource.
• Analytics – provides companies with analytics reports to ensure improvement.
• Integration – integrates with surface and desktop so information is shared.

Standout Features
• Cicero recently received the 2010 TMC Labs Innovation Award.
• Cicero’s consulting team has in-depth experience in developing enterprise-class solutions.
• Cicero’s user interface is completely customizable.
• Cicero’s solutions deliver, on average, a 40% increase in sales.

Cicero’s technology is very secure.  Cicero XM is based on the Microsoft .NET platform.

Cicero serves enterprise companies, many of whom are large Fortune 500 organizations around the world.

Cicero is committed to delivering high quality support.  Users can contact support representatives by phone, email or web form to receive informational or technical assistance.  Cicero also offers other resources, such as case studies, white papers and technical articles.  There is also a FAQ section on their website.

Bottom Line
Cicero’s products are worthy for a number of reasons.  They will increase profits, reduce operating expenses, increase brand equity and improve customer retention.  Cicero’s simple solutions make a big difference.  You can request a demo to see if Cicero’s solutions are right for your business.