Concenex Call Center Review

Company: Concenex

Concenex is an integrated contact center solution provider.  Their solutions help businesses increase efficiency, drive revenue and lower total cost of ownership.  Their technology is state of the art and advanced.  Concenex primarily serves small to medium sized enterprise companies.

Concenex Key Features
Concenex offers several different call center solutions, including a unified contact center, traditional contact center, vertical market solutions and small to medium sized business integrations.  Their products are advanced and have a number of features, including a remote agent, ACD, IVR, agent scripting, preview dialing, unified message retrieval and more.  Below is a list of the key features of Concenex’ traditional call center, CallCenterExpress.

CallCenterExpress (CCE)
•    Intelligent Routing – calls can be routed to the appropriate agent, based on skill, availability or other factors.
•    Predictive Dialing – dials customers automatically, saving agents time and energy.
•    Centralized Customer History – agents can access customer information for more personalized calls.
•    Data Integration – call center can integrate with third party applications.

Standout Features
•    Concenex’s customers include companies in the Fortune 100, as well as 2,500 other corporations.
•    Their solutions integrate with state of the art technologies.
•    Montage, their flagship product, is a unified customer interaction management platform.
•    Concenex’ customer service engine uses the Microsoft .NET framework.

The call center solutions can be delivered as on-demand, hosted or customer premise environments.  Call centers are available on the .Net framework and web services are available on Asterisk Platform.

Happy Customers
Apria Healthcare, ABN Amro (Citigroup), State of Florida Department of Health, Blue Vase Marketing

There is a knowledge base and FAQ section on Concenex’ website.  Concenex is also available by phone for technical support.  There is also a help desk that users can access.  Concenex representatives are available by phone and email.

Bottom Line
Concenex will increase productivity and efficiency within your company.  They will increase your business’ flexibility, quality of reports and application sophistication.  Concenex’ solutions are ideal for small and medium sized companies who are interested in a call center product with a wide range of features and capabilities.