Connect First Call Center Review

Company: Connect First


Connect First is the ideal partner to advance your company’s growth and profitability. Many call center services providers tout their desire and commitment to your success, but few can demonstrate in concrete ways a suite of tools which actually benefits your bottom line. Connect First stands out in the field of telecommunications providers as a capable and dedicated ally in the quest for real world cost savings and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

What Connect First can do

Connect First provides a unified solution in the cloud. Calls can be routed to multiple distributed contact centers or assigned to secondary queues such as IVR, or specialized ACD skill groups. Companies can also efficiently manage their inbound call routing platform to have total and complete control over the flow of calls in the inbound call center.

Product Key Features

Connect First’s software solutions are ideal for three main marketing areas: business continuity challenges such as, natural disasters, homeland security emergency,network facility failures; unexpected volume spikes, such as seasonal, advertisement driven; and finally, load balance and call distribution, so that calls will be evenly distributed over volume and maximize destination utilization. In addition, here are some other factors:

  • No equipment needed
  • Centralized web-based management
  • Real-time configuration activation, call monitoring and reporting
  • Real-time telemetry


Customers can contact a live agent via chat or email, or phone.


Connect First provides a unified queue in the cloud. The cloud is 100% on demand, and offered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-service) solution.

Happy Customers

Connect First worked with ACD Direct and PBS broadcasting during their pledge drives. ACD Direct and Connect First enhanced the PBS call center in the cloud SaaS solution, and also integrated their internal CRM system as well to meet the needs of the PBS TV stations.

Bottom Line

Connect First provides a better suite of hosted call center management products than most million dollar premise-based call center solutions. With almost no up-front costs, unlimited scalability, and better flexibility, Connect First works to achieve all your call center goals.