Echopass Call Center Review

Company: Echopass

Echopass is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of cloud-based contact center solutions to large Enterprises. Echopass features customized solutions, which are fully integrated, flexible and scalable, and require no capital investment or ongoing maintenance. Echopass cloud-based contact center software is easy to use, and improves customer experience and loyally while also enhancing operation efficiency.

Echopass Key Features

Echopass offers a wide range of features, including contact center on-demand, platform and technology, security and compliance. Echopass solutions include multi-channel queuing and routing (ACD), work force management, e-learning and more features.

Contact center on demand

  • Delivers best in class interaction routing and queuing across single site, multi-site, remote and virtual contact centers.
  • Management tools allow you to quickly, easily manage Echopass services and agents.
  • Customers can develop their own reports and ad hoc queries in a user friendly graphical interface.

Echopass Multiple Redundant Datacenters

  • Echopass owns and manages its entire platform through three, state-of-the-art SAS70-certified datacenters.
  • Employs redundancy at every level, from physical infrastructure (power, HVAC, fire) to network, telecommunications, system and storage.
  • Architecture allows Echopass to share infrastructure investments across multiple clients and to scale services and capacity quickly.

Echopass Multi-Tenant Service Integration Platform

  • Routing and IVR is built on Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform and Voice Platform.
  • Provides end-to-end administration, provisioning, management and integration and delivery.


Echopass delivers a completely integrated, customizable suite of self-service, agent and management applications. Companies can go live as quickly as 60 days, and scale up or down whenever required. Solutions are delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

Happy Customers

Echopass has worked with big name innovative leaders including some of the following: American Express, Apple, Dell, Genesys, and Kodak.


Echopass professional administrators and network engineers oversee all aspects of infrastructure, networks, contact center software, and customer performance, 24x7x365. They are committed to consistently delivering carrier-grade performance and reliability to every contact center customer.

Bottom Line

Echopass makes it easy to implement and manage complex, powerful contact center solutions. They work to identify and deliver exactly the capabilities you need for your business, with built-in flexibility to grow with you as your needs change. In addition, Echopass provides ongoing maintenance and software upgrades across a large set of systems and applications to provide a deeper, technical view of solutions.