Fonality Call Center Review

Company: Fonality

Fonality is a developer of communications solutions and cloud-based business phone systems.  Fonality serves small to medium sized businesses and enterprise companies.  Fonality has thousands of customers around the world, in a variety of industries.  Their solutions are cost effective and are sure to increase overall customer satisfaction.

Fonality Key Features
Fonality’s call centers vary in design by the type of business, so the small business solution differs from the medium sized business solution.  All of the solutions have a strong set of core features, including reporting, call distribution, Mulit-location Integration, scheduler and more.  Below is a list of the top key features of the Fonality Call Center.

Fonality Call Center
•    Customized Voice Prompts – record professional pre-recorded voice prompts for your customers to listen to.
•    Auto-Receptionist – handle more inbound calls with an automated receptionist that says “Press 1 for Support” as so on.
•    Agent Call Recording – monitor agents with recorded calls to ensure the highest agent performance.
•    Web Management – manage phone system anywhere with internet access.

Standout Features
•    Fonality has received a number of awards, including the 2010 IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award and the 2008 Internet Telephony Excellence Award.
•    Fonality offers advanced conference call technology, so you can save money on expensive conferencing solutions.
•    Fonality representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so if your system goes down Fonality can help reboot quickly.


  • Fonality’s solutions are all cloud-based, so no expensive hardware or maintenance is necessary.
  • Fonality offers one low monthly price, so smaller companies can afford to use this call center solution.

Happy Customers
Farmers Insurance Agent, MED3000, iNet,, Windsor Unified

Fonality offers sales, billing and technical help.  Users can contact Fonality sales representatives 24×7 by phone, email or through an online form.

Bottom Line
Fonality offers innovative and low cost call center solutions.  These solutions are ideal for smaller to medium sized companies, although companies of any size can use their solutions. Fonality’s cloud based software is award winning for a reason so check it out on their website. Fonality offers a free trial and a live demo so you can see if their software is right for your company.

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