Knoahsoft Call Center Review

Company Name: Knoahsoft

Knoahsoft is a contact center provider that primarily serves small and medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprise companies. Their VoIP based software focuses on call recording, agent performance management and analytics. Knoahsoft helps businesses get the tools they need to improve the quality of performance and provide better customer service.

Knoahsoft Key Features
Knoahsoft’s call center solutions aim to help agents act, analyze, assess, collect and collaborate. The products are feature rich. These features include speech analytics, coaching, monitoring, reporting, screen capture, surveying and more. Below is a comprehensive list of the key features of Knoahsoft’s solutions.

Knoahsoft’s Harmony 3.0
• Quality Monitoring – helps managers review and monitor agent performance.
• Agent Scorecards – drives performance as agents receive performance scores.
• Call Recording – records calls for legal and training purposes.
• IVR Survey – computer agent gets customer feedback.

Standout Features
• Knoahsoft’s user interface is completely customizable.
• Knoahsoft has many partners, such as Genesys, Cisco and Avaya, and Knoahsoft’s products integrate with all of its partners’ products.
• Knoahsoft has received many awards, such as the 2008 Product of the Year award from Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.
• Harmony received the Best in Show award at ITEXPO West 2008.

KnoahSoft’s software is VoIP-based and 100% web based. The Harmony 3.0 uses Web 2.0 technology. It is also integrated with Avaya DMCC-based active recording and pre-certified for Cisco Enterprise Liability Recording.

Knoahsoft’s solutions are used by companies in certain industries, such as government, telecommunications, healthcare and call centers.

Knoahsoft offers a variety of support options for its customers. Users can email or call support representatives for customized service. They can also access Knoahsoft’s knowledge base to answer their own questions, review technical documentation and download Knoahsoft software.

Bottom Line
Knoahsoft will increase efficiency and provide a high ROI. Their innovative solutions have comprehensive features and is sure to increase agent performance and boost customer satisfaction. Their solutions are customizable and easy to use. Also, they are 100% web based so they are very accessible.