LiveOps Review

Company: LiveOps

LiveOps is an on-demand call center provider. It is known as the best performing virtual call center in the Direct Response market.   LiveOps serves companies of all sizes, from small start ups to Fortune 500 companies.  Their on-demand technology is scalable so companies can grow as much as they want. Their dominant call center solution is the LiveOps On-Demand Call Center.

LiveOps Key Features

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – prompt menu delivers customer to the appropriate agent.
  • Inbound Call Routing – allows managers to direct customers to the agent with the right skills or whomever is available.
  • Reporting & Analytics – up to date reports lets companies see where they are improving and why.
  • Third Party Integration – integrates with CRM and workforce management systems for the most complete service.

LiveOpsSoftware Suite
LiveOps solutions are feature rich and secure.  The solutions provide quality monitoring, workforce management, agent management, VoIP/telephony management and more.  Below is a comprehensive list of the LiveOps On-Demand Call Center’s key features.

Standout Features

  • LiveOps has roots in engineerying and entrepreneurship, so their solutions offer unique technology.
  • In only five years, LiveOps has become the market leader for outsource call centers in the Direct Response market.
  • LiveOps is a registered Responsible Organization (RespOrg).
  • LiveOps solutions provide access to over 20,000 qualified agents.

LiveOps solutions are on-demand and delivered in the cloud. Their solutions are scalable, pay-per-minute and can handle a high capacity of calls.

Happy Customers
Pizza Hut, eBay, Aegeon, LifeLock, BeachBody, MedTronic, Murad, Tristar Products

There are self service tools and documents on Genesys’ website that users can access for help.  Customer service representatives are also available by phone and email.

Bottom Line
LiveOps solutions are flexible so they can be changed to meet your business’ needs.  They are completely scalable, which is ideal for companies who want to expand.  Their management team is full of experienced leaders who can help meet your demands and needs. The LiveOps call center is feature rich and is sure to increase business and customer satisfaction.