Noetica Call Center Review

Company: Noetica


Noetica is a global provider that specializes in agile Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software tools. Noetica was also the first software company in the UK to deliver a completely visually designed, CTI enabled, system for both inbound and outbound, which is also a fully integrated unified front end for call centers.

What Noetica can do

Noetica is designed to provide rapid and cost effective solutions to the real challenges facing the call center. Noetica wants to simplify and streamline the processes involved in high volume customer interactions.

Product Key Features

SYNTHESYS is a complete call center software platform. It delivers state of the art customer interaction management (CIM) based around a solid visual interaction design framework. There are four targeted product offerings of the call center software:

SYNTHESYS Business Process Management

  • focus is more on the ability to adapt agent user interface and reflect changing business processes, or deployment of campaigns by operations team (rather than IT)

SYNTHESYS Unified Agent Front End

  • focuses on using a combination of several applications, or a few particularly old ones if your company does not want to replace them straight away

SYNTHESYS Script Aware Predictive Dialler

  • good for companies heavily involved with outbound dialing and wanting to comply with the latest industry regulations, without sacrificing dialling performance

SYNTHESYS Service Dispatch

  • focuses on business activities including dispatching field personnel, complex escalation procedures or a significant amount of follow up, resulting from multi-interaction transactions
  • this will integrate all of the above into a single tool


Noetica is based in central London, all development and 24 hour support is from this location.


Noetica employs a business process management software system, called SYNTHESYS, which enables organizations to set up, deploy, and change multiple business processes at the customer interface.

Happy Customers

Noetica operates worldwide with customers across the UK, Europe, Australia and North America. Some example clients include: Bosch, TimeWarmer, Microsoft, The Daily Telegraph, BT and Islington.

Bottom Line

Noetica’s products and services provide excellent contact center solutions across industries to any organization operating a contact center.