Oracle Call Center Review

Company Name: Oracle
Product Name: Oracle Contact Center Anywhere

Oracle, the global integrated business software provider, offers contact center solutions among its many other products.  Oracle serves over 370,000 customers, which includes all of the Fortune 100 companies. As an expert in customer relationship management (CRM), Oracle ensures that their contact center solution will increase customer satisfaction.  It will also increase productivity and operational efficiency.  Oracle’s contact center solution is called Oracle Contact Center Anywhere.

Oracle Key Features
Oracle’s contact center has a ton of features that increase agent, supervisor and administrator productivity.  These features include remote supervision, queuing, routing, call back, multimedia capabilities and more.  Below is a comprehensive list of the contact center’s key features.

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere
• Virtual Call Routing – calls can be routed to specific agents based on skill or availability.
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – automated agent directs customers to the appropriate resources.
• Call Recording – records calls for training and legal purposes.
• Predictive Dialing – allows agents to outbound call faster.

Standout Features
• Oracle’s call center has CRM integration capabilities, so CRM software and the contact center can be unified.
• Oracle has many award-winning partners, including Dell, Fujitsu and more.
• Oracle has won several awards, including Software Development’s Productivity Award.
• Oracle serves all 100 of Fortune 100 companies.

Oracle’s contact center is a multichannel contact center platform.  It is pre-integrated.  The solution is web based.  Managers can monitor and coach agents from any location.  Their solutions are very secure.

Oracle’s contact center is ideal for all types of enterprise companies.  Oracle serves many Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

Oracle offers a wide array of support resources, including articles and other help documentation.  Oracle offers global, 24×7 support with priority service.  Users can contact Oracle support representatives by phone, fax or email.  Oracle’s support is award winning, as Oracle won the Best On-Site Support award in 2008 among a number of others.

Bottom Line
Oracle is one of the most well known and reputed companies in the technology industry.  Their CRM expertise ensures that their call center solutions are well worth buying.  The call center solutions empower the agents and the customers.  Oracle’s contact center solutions are flexible and easy to use.