Rostrvm Call Center Review

Company: Rostrvm


Rostrvm can provide technology to your existing call center and back offices so that, in their words, they will “make them work in harmony.” Rostrvm Solutions Limited is an innovative UK-based company that designs, develops and supports software applications for the call center, back office process management and reporting.

What Rostrvm can do

Rostrvm is a flexible, robust application which allows customers to work profitablty, productively, efficiently and with accountability. Customers can either work from scratch, or, use Rostrvm to work in harmony with their already existing technology, while also adding new features at a fraction of the cost through other suppliers.

Product Key Features

Rostrvm has four main areas of expertise: inbound contact, outbound contact, desktop optimization and managing performance.

Inbound Contact
Powerful, reliable, set-and-forget call routing makes it easy to get the right call to the right person at the right time — with the right support, as well. Some of the additional features included with inbound contact includes the following:

  • Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • Intelligent contact routing – uses skills-based routing to send the best call to the best agent, not just the first one available.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) – autoAgent delivers inqueue call treatment, voice processing and automated services. AutoAgent uses SIP-based Voice over IP (VoIP) to deliver enhanced call center applications with any PBX or ACD.
  • Reduce abandoned calls- queueback and callback help manage the call center queues and meet customer expectations.

Outbound Contact
Nestled within the heart of outbound contact management is the Rostrvm predictive dialler, which delivers high performance contact with customers and prospects.

  • Targets campaigns
  • Measures business benefits, and operational performance
  • Optimizes agent performance with task blending

Desktop Optimisation
Helps optimise and manage contact and customer management dynamics with CallGuide, a desktop support component product suite which supports call handling and back office processes through scripts, prompts and desktop application integration.

Managing Performance
Measures and manages effectiveness to optimize the performance of teams and the view of the call center and back office.

  • Contains contact center and back office performance metrics.
  • Provides business outcome and real-time and historical management information – inbound and outbound across all contact media and supporting business processes.


Rostrvm’s response center provides support for maintenance activities, product integration and configuration advice. All calls logged into the incident management system are available 24 x 7. In addition, all customer systems are supported remotely.


Rostrvm Solutions Limited is a software company similar to Software-as-a-Service, but a bit more like Software-at-your-Service. Their goal is to be where your company needs it, when you want it.

Happy Customers

Rostrvm solutions customers cover a diverse range of industries and applications. A sample group includes: Cambridge University Press, Canterbury City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, Autonet Insurance Group, and Discover Leisure.

Bottom Line

Rostrvm designs, develops and supports the rostrvm suite of applications that make call centers, contact centers and back office operations work efficiently and effectively. Rostrvm continuously supplies technological and commercial innovation, and is a global leader in their field.