Sytel Call Center Review

Company: Sytel


Sytel is renowned for both campaigning for and adhering to compliant dialing practices around the world. Sytel is a leader in the contact center industry, with leading edge system technology that delivers high performance while operating in a responsible, and sustainable, manner.

What Sytel can do

Sytel contact center can be deployed as a complete solution, combining full features with tight integration and fast deployment, or as modular enhancements to an existing configuration, adding world-class functionality, while getting the best value from your company’s existing investment.

Product Key Features

Sytel contact center prides itself as an out-of-the-box competitor, which allows their company to rethink and reinvent from the ground up. Sytel developers are always working on cutting edge technology and redefining standards. Some exemplary key features are in the following areas:

  • Predictive Dialing
  • Agent Scripting and Reporting
  • TDM, IP or hybrid
  • Scale up or down can be performed on the fly in rapid response to changing business needs with no down time, and no business flow interruptions.


Management and maintenance functions are available via a web browser, anywhere at any time.

Happy Customers

Sytel has a range of customers including some of the following: Collection Bureau of the Hudson Valley, Inc. (CBHV), GDCC, Avance Group, The Park Group, Guide Dogs Victoria (GDV) and Quantrax.

Sytel Technology

Sytel hosts Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or runs as a stand-alone premise-based system. Either way Sytel contact center will provide full functionality and the performance needed for your company.

Bottom Line

Sytel is uniformed with their communications and presence. Sytel contact center services will transport any data type– chat, email, SMS, video – seamlessly and without the need for extra configuration. Sytel contact centers handles presence information in the same way, giving your company the visibility and flexibility you need over all resources. In addition, all Sytel contact center components are built to perform from five agents to 10,000+, and will grow alongside your business, offering excellent long-term investment value.