Telax Call Center Review

Company: Telax

Telax is the largest hosted call center solutions provider in Canada.  Telax’s call center solutions are customizable and are delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Telax serves primarily small and medium enterprises.  Some of the industries that Telax’s solutions are ideal for are education, health care, travel, retail, government agencies and finance.  The Telax Hosted Call Center is easy to use, cost effective and will increase business and customer satisfaction.

Telax Key Features

Telax offers a wide range of features, including IVR, ACD, disaster recovery and reporting.  They offer a complete feature set on one platform.  Third party integration is another feature of the call center.  Telax solutions also offer native workforce management, recording, time-tracking and more capabilities.  Below is a list of the Telax Hosted Call Center’s key features.

Telax Hosted Call Center

  • Recording & Screen Capture – track agent performance to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Interactive Voice Response – prompt menu that will deliver customers to the appropriate agent.
  • Universal ACD – has voice, chat, email, callback, fax and other features.
  • Comprehensive Reporting – track progress to see what processes work the best.

Standout Features

  • Telax develops their own solutions, which allows them to rapidly meet their customer’s demands.
  • Solutions are available at a firm fixed price so businesses are charged a flat montly rate.
  • Telax is the largest call center solution  provider in Canada.
  • Telax has many esteemed customers, such as AT&T andn the Royal Bank of Canada.

Call Center Technology
Telax’s solutions are delived as the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.  Telax will configure solutions to your business’ needs if there is something that they do not offer.

Happy Customers
Johnson & Johnson, JetSuite, Health Canada, State of Nevada, XOJET, Royal Bank of Canada

Telax representatives are available 24x7x365 to provide fast and helpful support.  Telax emphasizes their dedication to having a responsive support team accessible at all hours of the day to ensure that businesses will get problems solved as fast as possible.

Bottom Line
Telax takes the complexity out of the equation for businesses with their call center solutions.  Their solutions are cost effective, which is ideal for smaller businesses.  Also, they are completely customizable.  If Telax does not have a feature that your business need, then they will develop and configure it for you.  Also, Telax offers free support, free upgrades, free supervisor and administrator licenses and free technology refreshes.