Touchstar Call Center Review

Company: Noble Systems Corporation (NSC)
Call Center Product: Touchstar

Noble Systems Corporation (NSC) is a contact center solutions provider that created the TouchStar solutions.  Their worldwide business has served thousands of clients globally.  TouchStar is built to be a scalable  solutionso companies can expand and maintain flexibility.  The award winning Noble platform improves business communications.  TouchStar solutions were developed with small and medium businesses in mind.  The call center products are ideal for companies in a wide range of industries, including politics, finance, customer service and more.

TouchStar Key Features
TouchStar solutions are premier call center software that are packed with innovative features.  These features include scripting, recording, custom integration, compliance management, ACD, VoIP and more.  Below is a list of the key features of the TouchStar Call Center System.

TouchStar Call Center System

  • Predictive Dialing – allows agents to quickly and efficiently outbound call.
  • Workforce Management – managers can monitor agents and control the workforce.
  • Real-time Reporting – reports are delivered in real-time so the managers are always up to date on the performance of the call center.
  • Integrated Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) – pre recorded menu directs customers to the appropriate agent or resource.

Standout Features

  • NSC was the first vendor to provide a scalable, open and fully distributed platform.
  • TouchStar and NSC have won a number of awards, including the 2007 Product of the Year Award from Customer Interaction Solutions.
  • TouchStar has many subsidiaries, including Digisoft and DataTel.
  • Touchstar offers more budgetary and configuration options than any other provider, in the world.

TouchStar Solutions are scalable and available as VoIP.  TouchStar can be delivered as an on-site or hosted solution.  Deployment is fast and easy.

Happy Customers
Bass Law Group, ARC Thrift Stores, Circseller, Inc., Crossfire Marketing, DRC Services Group

TouchStar provides support 24x7x365, by phone or email.  TouchStar agents are available toll free and even internationally.

Bottom Line
NSC and TouchStar provide top of the line call center solutions.  Their contact center products are cost effective and are packed with features.  Also, the solutions are scalable so companies can grow and expand.  For small and medium businesses (SMBs), TouchStar is a great option.