Transera Call Center Review

Company: Transera

Transera is a virtual call center solution provider.  Their call center is delivered in the cloud, as a software-as-a-service (SaaS).  Transera increases business revenue, lowers costs and improves overall customer satisfaction.  Their solutions are simple and unique and allow companies to maintain flexibility.  Their call center solutions are for multi-source call centers.

Transera Key Features
Transera’s virtual call center solutions has a wide range of features.  These include on-demand ACD, monitoring, recording, scorecard routing and more.  A comprehensive list of the core features of the solution is below.

Virtual Call Center
•    Global Queing – callers wait their turn in a global queue, so agents answer the calls on a first come first serve basis.
•    Centralized Reporting – consolidated reports are provided so businesses can assess their performance.
•    Intelligent Routing – managers can route calls to a specific team or agent, based on skills or other factors.
•    Advanced Call Control – customer data is presented when they call in and calls can be easily transferred with the call control features.

Standout Features
•    Transera has received a number of awards, including the 2009 Customer Interactions IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award.
•    Transera, on average, increases conversion rated and revenue by 15%.
•    Transera provides holistic reports, so businesses can get an idea of how they are doing overall.
•    Transera lowers the total cost of ownership by 40 % because their solution is delivered in the cloud.

Transera’s solution is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS).  The software is completely cloud based so there is no need for expensive hardware or telecom costs.  The solution is fast and easy to deploy.

Happy Customers
Office Depot, Wirefly, Tivo, Guthy-Renker, American Red Cross, TrustedID, US Forest Service

Transera customer service representatives are available by phone or an online form.  They offer standard support during normal business hours or Gold Support for 24x7x365 support.

Bottom Line
Transera’s call center solution will give your company better visibility.  It will increase efficiency and make your company’s resources more manageable.  Their solution is cost-effective and can handle growth and change.  The Transera Virtual Call Center solution is sure to meet all of your business needs so check out their website today.