Virtual Hold Technology Call Center Review

Company Name: Virtual Hold Technology

Virtual Hold Technology aims to increase operational efficiencies while enhancing the customer experience with their queue management solutions. They serve businesses in a variety of industries, including healthcare, utilities, insurance, retail and more.  VHT ensures that companies offer consistent and positive customer experiences.

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Virtual Hold Technology Key Features
VHT has a wide variety of products and solutions that offer innovative features.  These solutions including monitoring, management and analytics capabilities.  A list of VHT’s innovative features are displayed below.

VHT Call Center Solutions
• Virtual Queuing – virtual hold system that ensures customers do not remain on hold for a long time.
• Management System – manage queue from desktops, not server rooms.
• Customer Collaboration – gets customer feedback so companies can ensure satisfaction.
• Unified Communications – unify voice, web and mobile communications.

Standout Features
• VHT has won many awards, such as CallCenter Magazine’s Product of the Year Award.
• VHT has been featured internationally in news segments.
• VHT’s technology is able on mobile devices.
• VHT has strategic partners, such as Genesys and Corsidian, to stay on top of the latest in call center software.

Virtual queuing is VHT’s award winning, patented technology.  The virtual queuing platform can be extended to web, mobile and desktop communication channels.

Happy customers
Atmos Energy, Cardinal Health, Allstate Insurance, AmeriGroup Corporation, Texas Parks & Wildlife

VHT offers technical support 24x7x365 by phone or email.  Users can also contact sales or support representatives by phone, email or online request.

Bottom Line
VHT is a progressive and modern company that offers a complete and innovative call center solution.  Their solutions have numerous features that will help increase customer satisfaction and efficiency.  VHT is customer-focused and continually refines their solutions to ensure that your business gets only the most up to date, state of the art technology.