Are You Getting All You Can Get From Your Contact Center Solutions?

There’s a truth that emerges when the one billionth contact center phone call is concluded:  You can have the high-tech features of costly on-premise contact center solutions from the cloud, featuring fast implementation and noteworthy results.

Skills-Based Routing Drives Contact Center Solution Performance

Nearly 5,000 organizations are using Fonality, a rapidly growing provider of VoIP in the cloud and Unified Communications tools for organizations in the smaller or mid-sized ranges. The company has helped organizations manage one billion calls, in the cloud, so it’s a good example to explore when determining if you’re getting everything you want from your contact center solution.

One of the features that’s available to smaller or mid-sized organizations without the big-business price is skills-based routing, a tool you may employ to increase customer loyalty. How? By automatically and efficiently directing customer requests or emails to the person on your team who is most able to handle that call successfully, your customers will have their call handled efficiently. Save the big-ticket repeat buyers for your most skilled staff, and the most challenging calls, and watch as your customers react to the quality service they’re getting.

Ease of Management (It Should Go Without Saying)

Using technology called Heads Up Display (HUD), the dashboard features offered by Fonality include contact center metrics in real-time, call management with drag-and-drop capabilities, integration between calls and emails and visual voicemail. Chats between you and your customers are also secured, and subscription-based plans offer you pricing that meets your budget.

Color Helps Arrange Tasks in a Contact Center Solution

One aspect of Fonality to compare with other contact center solutions is the use of color. The Heads Up Display feature color codes customer service tasks and the tasks your sales team is doing, helping you keep quick, visual track of your pending calls and calls happening now. You can also enhance your call management with permission-based call monitoring tools, either from your desk or by remote. HUD works well with other tools like SalesForce, SugarCRM and NetSuite, another feature to look for when you want to maximize your contact center solution’s productivity.

Mange Calls Discreetly – And Go From Voice to Email

Here’s another interesting feature to consider: you have the ability to share a call discreetly with whisper or call barge mode, and you can also engage in spontaneous call recording and photo caller ID. What becomes a checklist of details to look for on your end equates to a higher level of customer satisfaction on the other end of the line.

Note:  another tool you can access with cloud-based solutions like Fonality is voicemail-to-email, allowing you to document and analyze customer contacts with greater ease. Expect to get multiple hours of voicemail storage as you look at historical trends and make predictions. Fonality offers 600 hours of saved call time, for example.

Cost-Effective Deployment for Your Contact Center Solution – Regardless of Size

Do you have a team of 12? How about 600? Today’s contact center solutions have come a long way, no matter what size organization you’re running. You can access the full suite of features of an on-premise deployment straight from the cloud, bypassing purchases toward infrastructure expansions or new hardware. Fonality uses UC (Unified Communications), delivering what some analysts call a total cost savings of up to 60 percent as compared to traditional systems.

Location, Location, Location – Go Virtual

Your contact center solution should help you create an in-person experience for your customers, regardless of where your contact center agents are located. Virtual solutions create fully integrated contact centers without a large administrative investment. You can still manage your call center by remote, and you’ll still get the performance you’re after – without the need to greatly modify your infrastructure.

Are you getting everything you hoped for from your contact center solutions? Regardless of the intricate tools and the details to compare, the big-picture answer is this –  you should see cost-savings, improved productivity and more satisfied, loyal customers.

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