Customers are Calling at 3AM? You Need a Global Call Center

You’ve heard talk of a global call center, especially as you watch some of your competitors implement such a strategy. The question you are likely asking, however, is whether or not this approach is the most appropriate for your environment. How do you know when it is time to implement a global call center? If you are serving customers throughout the world and they need to interact with your customer support agents during their hours of operation, you need to make sure you have one available. The best way to accomplish this is with a global call center.

The Global Call Center – You Have a Choice

When trying to determine whether or not it is time for a global call center, the good news is that you have a choice as to what type of strategy you implement. You can leverage a hosted call center platform that allows you to hire and manage agents located anywhere in the world. You can specifically select your agents based on their location to ensure you can handle the growing demand in the countries that you serve. Your other option is to implement call center support in brick-and-mortar establishments located around the world. The fact that you do a full business analysis on both options to determine the best fit for your company means that you have options to consider before you launch a global call center.

The Destination of Your Global Call Center

If you decide that you want to leverage the global call center market in one of the key growing areas for customer support, you don’t want to immediately look at India. In fact, this country is becoming increasingly more expensive to use and companies just like yours are finding that the destination of choice for the global call center is now the Philippines. This country is a viable option as English is a strongly-supported language, the culture demands respect is shown to others and its citizens strive to emulate that of the Western world. With so many benefits, the Philippines is a prime destination for your global call center.

The Hosted Approach to the Global Call Center

The global call center located around the world may not be the best fit for your environment, but you do have the option to go for the hosted approach. With robust software solutions from companies like Five9, inContact and Contactual, you can leverage hosted solutions that allow you to build a global call center without any infrastructure at all. You simply implement a virtual call center that can leverage support from qualified agents throughout the world who can have a PC, a phone and an Internet connection at the ready. A powerful software solution launched and you’re ready to support customers through a global call center with no physical location.

When your main focus is to serve the customer, you have specific guidelines you must follow to ensure you can do so effectively. When you can’t be available for customers when they need to contact you, this is an indication that it is time to implement the global call center. Keep in mind that you will need to do your homework as it is not an implementation you should enter lightly, but it is one that will bring with it great reward.

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