Five9 and the Rise of the Hosted Contact Center

As a company that operates in the customer service or call center space, you are likely concerned about cost. This is not to suggest that other companies are not budget-conscious, just that you are under intense pressure to keep costs low while you maintain expected performance levels. This is no small task and keeps a number of companies turning to hosted solutions to determine how they can get more done for less. Companies like Five9 offer a hosted contact center solution that allows you to take customer service to a whole new level, while keeping costs in check. Five9 may have some competition in the market, yet this company continues to demonstrate that its solutions can get the job done.

Five9 and Call Center Technology

For a number of years, call and contact centers have relied on specific technology implementations to help them to operate more effectively and efficiently. Like these companies, you have likely implemented ACD, WFM and IVR systems that allow you to run an intelligent call center to optimize the satisfying experience for all your customers. In the past, companies such as yours have implemented premise-based solutions that relied on hardware and software implementations to effectively drive the operation of the center. Five9 is helping to change that, taking the same technology capabilities you have come to rely on into the cloud. Even more beneficial, Five9 can show you how to gain even greater capabilities, while still spending less on your total solution.

Jump Start Customer Service with Five9

Whether you run a brick-and-mortar call center or simply need to launch customer service initiatives, Five9 can help you jump start your customer service in such a way that you can eliminate much of your overhead, but improve the service you deliver. When you leverage call center applications in the cloud from Five9, you gain access to additional capabilities that were outside of the range of your software solutions in the past. Perhaps you wanted a workforce management solution, but you didn’t have the infrastructure necessary to support it. Move your operations to the cloud with Five9 and you can easily access what you need through your Web browser.

Worried About the Cost in the Long Run? Not With Five9

There has been some apprehension among key decision makers within organizations where on-premise solutions have been the norm. There is often fear that information may be at risk or that IT will lose control over the network and supported applications. Fears have also arisen that cloud-based solutions such as those offered by Five9 will actually cost more in the long run. Even with subscription-based pricing, however, you still gain more advantage in terms of cost than you would with on-premise solutions. You can work with Five9 to determine what you need and when you need. As a result, you pay only for what you use and never have to deal with costly overhead.

Five9 will work closely with your IT and your call center managers to determine your needs and put together a plan to move your customer service initiatives to the cloud. Be sure you base your plan on the long-term and Five9 will demonstrate the value of this move.

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