How to Streamline Operational Processes in Call Centers

Call centers can be one of the most vital assets to your organization – as long as it is an efficiently run division. If your call centers are not focused on driving revenue, then it is a pure resource drain and associating that drain with value to the organization can be a challenge. It is not a challenge that cannot be overcome with a few tweaks and changes to streamline the process so that it drives efficiency and focuses on performance.

To help optimize the performance within call centers, many organizations will turn to business process outsourcing or BPO. This method of call center management can take some of the more mundane tasks associated with call center work and outsource the processes to another company that is either located nearby or even offshore. Virtual call center software can come into play in such situations, helping to create an optimal environment, if the needs of the center warrant such a deployment.

One of the benefits of implementing BPO into call centers is that you can cut out the unproductive elements of the job. Strategies and flowcharts must be designed and managed from the top, but the implementation of this strategy can move many of the mundane tasks to offsite operations, leaving the more challenging and customer-facing initiatives in the hands of the trained and qualified agents on the front line.

The processes within call centers can also be streamlined with the use of robust and effective customer relationship management (CRM) software. Such deployments are generally done throughout the entire organization to get the maximum value from the solution, but when tied in with call centers, CRM enables agents to tie customers directly to specific offerings and packages that fit their buying habits, lifestyle and likes. Such software solutions also help to ensure your agents get to the one making the buying decision on the right products or services.

To streamline processes within the call center, eliminate unnecessary tasks. For instance, a number of call centers have implemented predictive dialers – where allowed – and rely on this technology to connect agents with right contacts. Such a process eliminates wasted time for the agents who would otherwise have to spend too much time on the phone trying to reach a person who may or may not be home and may or may not answer the phone. By allowing telemarketing software to handle that part of the task, the agent can focus on actually interacting with customers.

Lead generation is another way you can streamline processes within call centers. Even with a predictive dialer in place, it is still a waste of time and resources if you are continuing to try and reach customers who don’t want or need your product or service. Instead, call centers should rely on solutions or partnerships that actually validate a lead and help you to connect with buying customers who want what you have to offer.

Finally, to get the most out of the processes within your call centers, schedule according to need and demand. If you have a large campaign in the works, be sure you have the required manpower to handle the increase in volume. Likewise, if your call centers are anticipating a lull in volume, don’t schedule as many agents and waste their time and your payroll dollars during times you cannot generate revenue.

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