The Value in Predictive Dialers

There are a number of technology solutions that make sense for the call or contact center. In such environments today, agents are handling an overabundance of calls that may or may not fit with their skill capabilities. Without specific tools in place, call center agent time may be wasted and your cost of operation is driven too high simply because you lack predictive dialers.

The innovative and robust predictive dialers that are available on the market today are designed to be integrated directly into your call or contact center platform. As integrated products, predictive dialers are meant to deliver maximum value and a rapid return on investment, as long as the solution meets the unique needs of your specific center.

Before selecting  predictive dialers, first examine your needs within the center and understand why you believe such a purchase is a wise one. Are your agents making their own calls and finding too many people not at home? Are your numbers providing to have a high rate of error? Does the number of calls made to erroneous numbers or answering machines decrease the performance of your agents?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then it is time to consider the value of predictive dialers within your environment. When identified and placed correctly within your center, it can dramatically increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, market share and even revenues.

Why? A software piece is being used to make the calls and live agents are only needed when a right contact has been made. As a result, your qualified agents are spending time on the phone with individuals with an opportunity to produce results. Your cost per contact reduces dramatically and your overall performance of the center is increased.

Predictive dialers are also available on a VoIP call center that can deliver intelligent predictions. These types of predictive dialers can anticipate when an agent will be able to speak with a prospect and therefore numbers through the predictive dialers are completed at an appropriate pace. An agent will receive a transferred call only when a live person has answered and the conversation can commence.

With predictive dialers in place, you automatically ensure your agents are spending their valuable time actually interacting with live individuals. This increases the amount of time they are able to promote your products and services, as well as deliver a better overall experience for the customer. In challenging economic times, you cannot afford to leave a customer out in the cold or to avoid a selling opportunity – predictive dialers enable you to do both.

When searching for the robust predictive dialer for your environment, be sure you investigate comprehensive and state-of-the-art solutions that are designed according to technologies that are available today. You don’t want your predictive dialers technology to hold you back on what you are able to accomplish as your overall goals.

To get the most value out of your predictive dialers, select on that offer full web applications to accelerate deployment and significantly reduce costs. Complex and long implementations cause more trouble than the benefit they can deliver, especially if updates to the system are just as complex. Be sure the partner you select for your predictive dialers launch understands downtime is not an option and productivity and efficiency are your main goals. With these key things in mind, your deployment is sure to bring measurable value.

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