Verba Releases Call Center Quality Suite

Verba Technologies took advantage of the publicity opportunities at Cisco Live in London to release a new suite of call center quality assurance solutions. Dubbed the Verba Performance and Quality Management solution, the suite is designed to help call centers of all sizes measure and enhance call center agent performance while systematically improving the complete customer experience.

Verba worked with hundreds of call center supervisors in order to identify primary pain points in order to create what it believes to be an innovative solution designed to close the call center quality gap. Call center managers can leverage the scoring, agent monitoring, recording, evaluation and reporting features to develop and execute quality assurance programs that will increase productivity and enhance business for the call center.

Productivity features offered in this call center suite include an agent evaluation and scoring module; an integrated silent monitoring feature; a screen capture component; and a web-based dashboard and reporting solution.

Verba positions its call center quality suite as providing call centers with a statistically correct approach that is based on random interaction selection so call center managers can base employee decisions on accurate data and not personal feelings.

The call center monitoring suite can also be used to compare actual customer interactions with custom defined questionnaires. With the power to integrate real business metrics into calculations, call center managers can also evaluate how well these questionnaires compare against business goals.

Greg Kovats, Director of Development for Verba Technologies, shared that Verba believes this latest call center solution is a cutting-edge platform that will enable clients to focus on business goals by not only measuring the quality of the interactions, but also by controlling the quality of the measurement process itself.

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