What to Look for in Telemarketing Software

While the term ‘telemarketing’ has grown to develop a stigma among the consumer sector, in truth we all still need telemarketing services. The main reason for this need is that we all want to be offered things that we can really use and those things that we really want. Call centers that invest in telemarketing software that helps to deliver on these goals can be very valuable.

To extend its true value, however, telemarketing software must be able to do so much more than just sell the end client things or services he or she wants. It also has to enable the agent to get to the point of converting the listener into a buyer. That process is one that is very delicate, but with the right balance, can be achieved over and over again.

Telemarketing software such as  Contactual can encompass a number of different things, including the ability to reach the right person at the right time. Perhaps your call center implements predictive dialers to ensure your agents only spend time on the phone actually talking with live individuals. As a result, you rely on telemarketing software to help match the customer to the right offer and increase the likelihood of a sale.

On the flip side of that, you want to be sure that the calls that come into your call center are received by the right person in a very timely manner. Your telemarketing software solution may focus on an automatic call distributor that relies on algorithms to determine which agent is available with the right skills to handle the next call. This is determined by the information the customer provided when they first made the call or first clicked on the “chat” button on the website.

The telemarketing software that you use within your center may focus on integrating information from the call center desktop with the organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) system to ensure the customer not only receives optimal service delivery from your agents, but that the organization is better able to tailor solutions and services that the customer will want to pay for. This focus is critical in the call center where driving revenues is a key focus.

Unified communications is another new entry into the call center field and something that most definitely ties into the telemarketing software. Consumers are fast changing the way they do things, the way they communicate and the way they receive information. If your call center or telemarketing software cannot keep pace, you will lose out on significant opportunities.

Instead, you have to be sure that your call center can communicate with your customers through a number of different channels. You may still take live calls and receive e-mails or faxes, but also consider the value of Web chat and instant messages (IM) or funneling information out through social media channels. All of these things tie easily into the telemarketing software platform to drive better overall performance.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your telemarketing software is selected according to the unique needs of your center. Don’t settle for something just because all of your other friends in the industry love the perks. If it won’t deliver value in your environment, it isn’t worth the investment. If you right fit the telemarketing software according to your needs, however everybody wins.

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